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  1. Hi Guy's
    I am posting for the first time but have been visiting your site every other day very informative especially to us bikers staying in the region and requiring info on border crossings, roads, etc, etc.
    Apperciate the effort of the moderators & contributors who keep this site going.
    As most of us are aware that the furtherest we can ride up to is Thailand, Laos & Cambodia & no possibility of riding to Myanmar, China & Vietnam i would thank you guy's on all the latest information provided.

    I & a few buddys are planning to ride up to GT, Laos & Cambodia where's the location the GT-Riders hang out so as to be able to pay a courtesy visit.

  2. If you go to new members page and look under David Unk..... he mentions the Kafe in Chiang Mai. This is the popular 'watering hole' for the guys, just inside the moat, near Thapae Gate

    also somme hang out there in the mornings for breakkie around 9am-10am
  3. FK6E-
    Good to have a new member actually introduce himself AFTER having studied the site some. As T.J. says The Kafe is usually the meeting spot. If it happens to be on Formula 1 or MotoGP race day we have other sites we meet and watch the action. Just let us know when you are in Chiang Mai and it will be great to get together with you and your friends.
  4. Thank you
    Will try my best to meet you guys.

    Thanks Again

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