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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Greatdane, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone

    Just found this forum looking for info about driving in the north of Thailand. I went on my first tour last year riding from Bangkok to Phuket with various deviations on the way, and liked it so much that I decided to go north next time. And next time is soon.

    I am starting in Bangkok, going to Pattaya, then more or less along the Cambodian border to Si Sa Ket, and then north to Nong Khai through Khon Kaen. Should be in Nong Khai in time for the Naga fireballs October 18th/19th. From there along the Mekong to Chiang Khan, south to Tham Erawan and back north to Nan and Chiang Rai and then finally to Chiang Mai for Yee Peng.

    I found some good tips here regarding which route to take, thanks.

    By the way, the "mini" in the subject is not due to my size. I am driving a Honda Click 125 cc :shock:
  2. Hi Greatdane,
    A Beautiful Time of the Year to Ride! You have picked a very Nice Route so I am sure You will have a Great Time. Look Us up in Chiang Mai!
  3. Welcome to GT-Rider!

    Nothing wrong at all with touring here on a scooter- you can take it slow and easy, save a lot on fuel bills, and take in a lot more of the sights than those who blast about on rockets.

    Happy Trails!!! :happy1:

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