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  1. Did anyone have a look at this website yet: ... n-Thailand
    If you go to Honda prices you'll see that they intend to build and sell the VTR250 here in LOS, some interesting information also on Suzuki. Hope this and all other information on other websites indicates things to come, cheers, Franz
  2. That is good news, I like that we are finally getting more and more options when it comes to getting big bikes (not that 250 really fits into the big bike class) in Thailand. And getting the Honda means that we won't be limited to Kawasaki, not that there is anything wrong with Kawasaki just nice to have some choice.

    Nice find.
  3. Wait a minute, the VTR is supposed to be available "beginning of 2010"? That's great news, but then they would have to be assembled in Japan, since they don't have an assembly plant here, as far as I know. So the price couldn't be 144,000THB for an imported FI version. I'm really happy with my carbed VTR and can only recommend it, but something doesn't make sense to me here.
  4. Klaus, I think they might build it in their Wave/Click plant in LOS, doesn't take much efforts just send over some machines & tools and free up some assembly space. Anyway I don't expect them to build big numbers, think they will get some incentives and taxbreaks from the Government in buiding & selling something bigger than 125 cc. So let's hope that this isn't another local Bla-Bla we got here. Cheers, Franz
  5. Would be great if they'd do it. But the price couldn't be on par with Kawasaki's 250s. In Australia the Ninja 250 sells for about 7,000 and the Honda for 8,500, correct me if I'm wrong - any Ozzies on this site? That would put the VTR250 at roughly 190,000THB.
    Bring 'em on, that's all I can say!
  6. The owner of that site has posted on ThaiVisa that the price is expected to just slide under the Ninja 250 and be in the 14x,xxx range..

    Tho to be fair hes posted some things clearly wrong in the past.
  7. Honda also sells the same engine in a cruiser, it would make more sense to offer a 250cc cruiser than a 250cc street bike. Most farang I see here are riding either 200 Phantoms or 400cc Steeds, I bet they'd go for a legal 250cc cruiser.

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