New navigation software for Android devices

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  1. I just saw on the Android market that Route 66 finally did go live with its new navigation software for Android devices (after mores as 6 months "soon at the Android Market). And the good thing is ..... it is free .... well as long as you do not buy extra's and after 1 month "navigation" becomes an extra. But you will have free maps of more as 100 countries and also Thailand should be included. That should beat Google Maps

    Have a look at

    Too bad I am using a Iphone .... but that software is in the pipeline also ....

    Chang Noi (no I do not have commercial interest in Route 66)
  2. Sorry I am just back from unavailable and it seems that the app has been removed from the Android Market ......

    Chang Noi
  3. has anyone a view on the Thai maps by R66? I'm using an old Esri, around 2007,
    Although screen of any Android very small

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