New Posts view does not work well


Oct 7, 2009
Noticed that many new posts do not show under the "New Posts" view. Any reason for this? Also noticed that when reading this forum from my Nokia mobile phone, the "New Posts" link says "Today's posts". Browser issue?


Dec 27, 2007
Yes, the new vBulletin site still has a lot of "issues" and hopefully they are being worked on.

I hope that our fearless leader and webmaster will take my feedback as constructive criticism and NOT as a complaint-

vBulletin is extremely powerful software but so far it seems that very few of the vBulletin options have been implemented.

For example, with vBulletin we should never again have to type [ img ], [ video ], [ url ] again, but it seems the relevant buttons only appear when you click "Reply to Thread" but they do NOT appear (at least on Mozilla Firefox) when you want to start a new thread or "reply with quote".

Similarly, vBulletin offers many options for the use of "smiley" and emoticons that can be added to the "tools" bar at the top of the post, but so far this hasn't been done with the new gt-rider forum.

Not sure why, but the current gt-rider forum doesn't notify me of new personal messages like the old one did. Currently the only way to see if I've received new PM's is to click on the Notifications tab and look. As a result I've missed a lot of PM's and end up replying very late...

If you would like to see an example of a super-slick vBulletin forum have a look at

Hopefully these "upgrades" are in the works as they will make the new forum much more user friendly and easy to use.

Again, I hope my comments won't be taken as criticism. I'm just sharing my observations and hope that they can be used to improve the site.

Happy Trails!



Jan 12, 2003
1.) Did you go ever go into to: Forum Actions / Mark forums Read ???

That sets all posts as "read" and new posts then display correctly thereafter.... that is also PC independent, being a database setting for your user account. The effect is, you ca nthen view the Forum from any PC and get the same view...

2.) Have you amended your profile settings correctly.

TonyBKK: Your last post is repeated - previously answered HERE:




Oct 7, 2009
Marked forums read, lets see how it works after this. Noticed that now that my "new posts" view is empty, there is a link to topics that have been updated withon the last 24 hours. I would be great to have this as a direct link in the forum page, it would be nice and easy way to follow the activity on the forum.

Johnny Roesco

Jan 3, 2011
Hi I recently joined, but haven't posted till now.

Is this where newbies introduce themselves?

Why the many threads about rental shops? Old threads dated 2007 at that, I don't really understand.

I recently moved to Thailand and just bought a nice old Honda scooter from a Thai guy who told me about this forum. I'm not sure is he's a member though.

Am I in the wrong place? This is all very confusing.
New users, rental shops....????
I don't really need to rent now that I bought a bike.