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  1. Hi everybody, I recently moved in Chiang Mai, 'been riding quiet often in Mae Hong Son with rental big bikes, and feels like now it is time to buy by own one in Thailand (I own a CB600 Hornet in Belgium) 'been checking online and I'm facing a big dilemma, 200k for a second hand (I spotted a few CB1300 XJR1200 a few CBR600 and GSXR around that price) or I might go up to 300k for a new one, but the choices are a bit less funny (ER6n/f CB650f) I'm quiet lost now, so any advices would be welcomed, my main use would be for touring in the north, MHS loop, samoeng etc etc.

    I'm totally opened to any suggestions, so feel free to give your opinion, it'll be quiet welcomed.

    My "dream" one would be a MT 09, but it is out of the budget :/

    have a good evening

  2. If you like the MT09 I think you would be happier with my modded ER6N, than the bulkier Versys. Happy to chat about bikes anyway. Mobile 0818825122
  3. With a budget of 300k, why not buy a second hand Versys for about 200k and a KLX or a CRF250L for about 100k.
    Then you will have bikes that cover any road/trial in Thailand.

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