New Rider - Questions about border crossing and other few things !

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  1. Hi Everyone !

    I am very new here, but happy to find this great community ! I am a 23 french student actually based in Manila (Philippines). I am planning a trip all around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodgia in few weeks and I seek some advices !

    Here is the "big idea" :

    1°) Go to Hanoi
    2°) Buy a Minsk
    3°) Hanoi -> Mai Chau (140km)
    4°) Mai Chau -> Dien Bien Phu (321km)
    5°) Cross the border (Tay Trang)
    6°) Tay Trang -> Luang Prabang (341km)
    7°) Do Laos (need to setup my itinerary)
    8°) Cross the border to enter in Cambodgia
    9°) Sell the moto in Phnom Penh

    My itinerary is actually a draft and I would like to let things happen, so I just want to draw the big lines.

    What are your opinions about that ?

    I also have some inquiries :

    - Crossing the border Vietnam -> Laos with a purchased moto ? OK ?
    - Crossing the border Laos -> Cambodiga with a purchased moto ? OK ?

    Many thanks in advance !

  2. Hello! Do you know something more about crossing Vietnam to Laos with motorbike already?

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi Guys...I am also new here. Still trying to find out how to start a thread! How new is that?? I al also in the planning stages of a bike trip through SE Asia. My plan is as follows:
    1. Import my bike into Singapore by ship.
    2. Ride from Singapore to Malaysia.
    3. Through Malaysia to Thailand .... Hua Hin... BKK .... Pattaya ... Cambodia....
  4. Hi Cartor ...
    I have similar plans , but still a year or so away from my trip.
    I plan the following.
    1. Import my bike into Singapore by ship.
    2. Ride to Malaysia ,,,, then on to Thailand
    3. Hua Hin...Bkk.. Pattaya...
    4. Cambodia ... Vietnam ... Laos... SE China ...
    5. Laos...Mynmar.... Thailand..
    I envisage about 3 months or so for the adventure .....
    My biggest hurdle right now is all about documentation required for my bike at various border crossing....
    I wonder if there is a simple way to get this info , ...So far I have received a reply from Singapore government, and am still waiting for response from a few others...
    Lets see what I get back from this forum...
    I am sure there are guys out there who have done this trip before ??

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