New rider thinking about the loop


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Jul 17, 2010
Hi all,

really want to get a few good bike trips under my belt while i still have time in Thailand.
Was thinking bout starting out in Chiang Mai and looping round to Mae Hong Son and then back to Chiang Mai with stops along the way in Pai etc.
Have also heard good things about the roads down to Mae Sot so am tempted to try that also.

Problem is that im a new rider, i only used a scooter a few weeks ago (125 auto) and although i feel i took to it quickly and managed to traverse the sheer dirt track roads in Koh Tao im still not sure about doing the trip alone.

I guess what im saying is, is this a good place to find fellow riders up for a mission?
If so then if anyone has a trip in mind that they dont mind me musseling in on then feel free to give me a shout, would be cool to ride with some experienced riders, i might even be tempted to try my hand at a manual who knows...

Cheers, Tom


Jan 5, 2008
Gday Tommypow.

I would recommend you do the Mae Hong Son loop, but give riding to Mae Sot a miss.

Theres not much down there in Mae Sot really, and the ride is not that good on a small bike.

I would do the Loop in a clockwise direction. Its seems better on a smaller bike that way. Good thing about the MHS loop is theres not much traffic at all, and if you cant find anyone to go with its no big deal.

There is far better areas in the north than Mae Sot to see after you've done the Mae Hong Son loop. Maybe head to Mae Sai, Chiang Rai or over to Phayao.

The road that follows the burmess border near Mae Sai is an interesting ride, but its only one of many rides you could do.

Hope this helps.