New road from Tabok to Saysomboune

Oct 6, 2005
i]Sorry for my low english. [/i]
I went with my Europ girfriend and 2 bikes from Vang Vien via Tha Heua to Xaysoumboun and than to Phonsawan. Started at 9.00 and arrived at 17.45. 270 km. 20 km behind Tha Heua to Xaysoumboun is now a check point. Its not allowed for farangs to ride there anymore. My girlfriend saw the 2 guys who want to stop her but she passed them. I talk with them 20 minutes after than I moved the same way to Xaysomboun. Later I hered you need a permit from a travel agancy to go this way. In Vientiane you can get it but you have to book a rafting trip. ???? Now I saw that the road from Xaysomboun to road 13 come out in Tabok is finished. I check this road now on monday.
A new guesthouse opend after 80 km behind Tha Heua.

The road from Xaysomoun to Phonsawan is the best road I ever saw in Laos. Absolutly beautyful but sometimes not so easy. The greatest is a swimming low bamboo brigde over a big river by Tha Viang. Big bullshit I fall in the fresh cold water. ( deep river) I m to heavy and the brigde was broken. Good luck for me that some Lao boys holded my bike. Fun for the Lao people but not for me the ride to Phonsawan was my coldest trip in Asia.



Attention. The popular restaurant and Bar Kop Chei Deu in Vientiane is now a real Gaybar. Last night and the night before we saw many Farang and Lao Gays there. People who like Katoys too find here a lot of them. I think that is not a nice place anymore. But this is oly my mind. Up to you but not for m, thanks. [:D][8D][:D]


Not for heavy people. [:D]

Oct 6, 2005
The road from Tabok to Saysoumboun is ok. Dusty with crazy truck and pickup driver. Always on the wrong side. [|)]

Jan 15, 2006

jean louis speaking.

I am living in a week for a 3 weeks trip down south.
Do you have any idea from Longsan if you take right full East to Muangheuang then Borikhan(north of Paxan) ????? what about this road, have you done it before ?
Then from Borikhan to Vieng Thong ???

Thanks yournews.

jean louis papaya


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Jean Louis
If you take a look at
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you will see that Robert & Joe did Phonsavan - Pakxan - Vientiane in day in late December. That means the road aint that bad. Now part of that road is Muang Heung - Borikhan which interests you. From Robert's report it is not bad, but quite good, so that bit should be real easy.
Now regarding Borikhan - Vieng Thong I dont know and have not heard of anyone doing it. But I believe the track exists. How bad or good it is I dont know - you will be the first to write it up, if not do it. But don't expect it to be easy - most of it is probably "goat track" standard at a wild guess. Good luck & pls keep us informed how you go. (Even Motorheinz is actually contributing something now!)

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