New road west to Sayaboury?

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  1. Recently finished a three day drive on the road heading out west from Route 13N from Pakvang (15kms north of Hinheup). The road eventually connects to the Nam Lik 2 dam that's under construction.

    About 4kms south of the dam site on the road south to Muang Fuang, was a good (new) paved road heading west. Not sure where to (Intersection: 18°45'57.68"N, 102° 7'25.41"E)

    Anyone know: Is this a new road all the way to the Mekong, allowing access to Sayaboury (which has been spoken of a a development project for a while)? Or does it just service the village further on?
  2. I assume that it is the road which leads to one or more resettlement villages. This area was off-limit the last time I was there - there was a a barrier on the road with a guard who did not let me go through.

    The resettlement villages will house people from the Xaysomboun area who have to move as the Nam Ngum 2 hydropower reservoir will be filled and will flood quite large areas - see ... t5144.html
  3. Thanks Auke.

    Are you talking about the east north-east side of Nam Ngum? This appears to be where the Nam Ngum 2 will flood and resettlement will occur.

    If so, the road I am trying to identify is about 100kms west, in the upper Nam Lik area. Any ideas?
  4. Hi Sib,

    The road I am talking about is about 5 Km north of Ban Done (Muang Fuang) which is located at the junction where the road which runs west from Hin Heup turns north to this new road and the location of the Nam Lik 2 dam construction site - see the screengrab of my GPS map for Laos.


    People from the Nam Ngum 2 reservoir, once they start flooding it, will be moved to the resettlement village(s) at the end of this new road (about 100 km to the west where they live now). As far as I know the road stops there and does not go to Xayabouri.
  5. Thanks Auke - much appreciated. Someone was talking about a mythical new road to Sayaboury, but I figure that's just a pipe-dream still!


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