NEW Speed Strength Twist of Fate SX Leather Gloves

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  1. Sold one pair yesterday while in CM to service my Versys. Similar gloves were 4-5000baht so, although the buyer said he wasn't actually looking for gloves when I approached him at Kawasaki, he took them anyway as too good a price!

    One pair left, be quick or make do with a copy from Tachilek for 3000baht.
  2. Hi Skybluestu,
    If the remaining Pair is Black I will Buy them? I am at the X-Centre so if You are still in CM let me know?
  3. All Black sold, just the Black/Red left which are mainly black
  4. ******sold******
  5. Where can i buy a pair? Are you selling? Im in Bangkok now;
  6. Sorry, the ones I had have now been sold, you could try some of the bike stores in BKK but similar gloves are around 5-6000baht. If I get any more I'll PM you.
  7. Two pairs sold, three remaining. One pair each of L, XL & XXL.

    Almost riding season, protect your hands folks!
  8. G'day, I love to buy a pair of gloves from you however, I am concerned about fit. I have reasonably large hands, but just how large in terms of glove size is something I don't know. Any suggestions?
  9. No worries Dave, I can send you a pair of XL and XXL and just send back the ones you don't want. I sold two pairs of XL to two guys in CM with fairly large hands but better to see which ones fit the best, don't forget they will stretch slightly so if a tad tight that is OK. PM me your address and I'll send them by EMS so you can try them both.
  10. That's very generous of you. We own the Evergreen Guesthouse, 220 Moo4 Wanchalerm Rd., Wiangtai. Pai. Maehongson. 58130 My mobile is 0867310065. Let me know how you want me to organise payment.
    Best wishes,
  11. That's OK, I'll PM you with the EMS# when I send them, probably on Thursday. I will include my bank details so you can pay once you have checked which ones fit and made sure you like them.
  12. Sent today by EMS, will PM you the tracking# and my bank details.
  13. OK, only one pair left (size L) as Dave had both the XL & XXL so if you want a pair of top quality leather gloves at a low price PM me, 2000baht including delivery by EMS within Thailand.
  14. Stu,
    How are you mate?
    Great gloves - gave mine a test on the tarmac in VN & they came out with flying colours (certainly better than my ankle).
    All the best.
  15. G'day Rod, I'm good thanks mate. Hope you've settled in over in VN, sorry to hear about your spill but glad the gloves served their purpose!

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