New Thai Bike 2013 Platinum PX250 67,000B

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  1. Stumbled across a display of Platinums at Home Pro in Chalong the other day, . I was very surprised to see they had PX250 Enduro's available after everything we have heard with the difficulties with getting emissions passed with the GPX ZF250 and Lifan 250 Enduro. As far as I know this is the first road legal, over 200cc Chinese/Taiwanese enduro/duelsport/dirtbike bike on the Thai market

    Now I will say, I have owned a Platinum before and it was the worst bike I ever owned, but that was a 2007. I am wondering if 5 years on they haven't sorted a great many of the issues. I am actually considering this bike now. It certainly looked a lot better built than my old PX175 which never seem to run for more than a day. As temperamental as that bike was, it really went well in the dirt and in the hills. At least now if it breaks down they have a manufacturer branch in Phuket town, not just a dealer. Bike comes with 3 year warranty on engine, 6 mo. warranty on battery, and 2 year warranty on frame. They claim to have sorted the parts support issues with was what was blamed for the last Phuket Platinum dealer failing in 2008.

    Price is 67k baht OTD, less than half a Kawasaki KLX 250.

    Things I like about the PX250:

    Great, modern looks.
    Dual exhaust note sounds like a Ducati Monster.
    USD Aluminum front fork.
    Fork protectors
    1 down 4 up gearbox, unlike Lifan Cross.
    Really nice power, seemed the same as D-Tracker 250.
    Hand guards standard.
    LED turn signals standard.
    Digital numerical gear indicator.
    The ride felt very comfortable and natural. I didn't feel this way on the Lifan 200.
    Braided cables
    Rubber footpegs. (My PX175 had steel cleats.)
    Manly looking skid plate, but now looking at the pics it may be plastic.
    Turn signal has cancel, not just toggle back to center which for me usually means I end up signalling the other way.

    Didn't like:

    Some of the electrics looked similar to my dreaded PX175
    Some welds not tidy, but looked structurally sound.
    The bike is very tall. I can barely get my heels down when I'm in the saddle, and I am 6ft. (1.83m) but I wa in my sandles. Not sure how well that will go over with the Thai market. Seemed the same height as the KLX250.
    Comes from the facory with full dirt tires. Jak, the salesman, agreed that isn't a good idea, but it's what his boss wanted. I would have them swap those for a 50/50. They did not perform well in the parking lot.
    Braided brake cable blocks gauge cluster.
    Not a "true" 250 @ 233.7cc.

    The main gauges are analog, but modern looking enough. All I ask is that they work, which will be more than I can say about my last Platinum.

    The Phuket dealer is on Bangkok rd. Coming from Chalong Cir. on the way into Phuket Town on ChaoFa East, right hand side, 100M before the fire hose circle. The salesman, Jak, speaks much better English than anyone at Phuket Kawasaki. I actually received a follow up email from him and even a phone call!! :wtf: I had to pinch myself. Am I still in Thailand?

    My apologies for the grainy cell phone photos.

  2. You had PX175 which was junk and you are considering buying another Platipus?
    A friend of mine, also on Phuket, bought a 175 several years ago even though I told him not to. He argued that it was now made in a new and improved plant, much better than the previous 175 which was absolute junk. Some buyers had problems on the way home after they bought it!
    He also had problems in the first months of ownership, and he was not alone. In fact there were so many complaints about the new and improved 175 that the dealer shut the doors overnight and disappeared - before the green book and plate was issued! Complaints to BKK didn't help and since the bike spent a lot of time in the shop and he got pulled over when it was running he finally gave up.
    Put it on the internet for sale as a off-road project bike for 10K baht - nobody called!
    He paid around 55,000 B and rode maybe 5000 km. What's the use of buying a cheap bike when the baht / ridden mile ratio is 10:1? Plus he paid a lot for repairs.
    They may look real nice on the showroom floor but I wouldn't keep one if you'd buy me one. I save money on computers, refrigerators, stereos or cameras but when it comes to riding I want quality, durability and reliability. I want to know that when I plan a week-long trip the bike will not break down. And I"m willing to pay for it!
    I recommend: get a used KLX250 for 100 K and you'll be way better off.
    Btw, whatever happened to the SACHS X-Road 250? That was a promising bike I may have considered but it didn't seem to have made an impact on the Thai market where even a locally made Tiger is a hard sell.
  3. a 17" front wheel and a rear drum brake?! What they hell?! :wtf:

    pay for quality and cry only once :happy2:
  4. Quite agree with you and regards of the x-road ...Tiger stopped importing the CKD kits because of quality problems and the Chinese manufacturer unwilling to improve....these problems are not exclusive to the X-road 250 in Thailand only , but a problem that is worldwide !! ...i have received quite a lot emails from people around the world ( south america OZ , nzl...) where they reported problems. these were structural problems and not to be underestimated . Tiger had only imported 10 or 20 units and stopped there after ....Even my own x-road was found at factory had a frame issue

    Tiger Bikes such as Bulldog/Boxer 150 and up the cc's were not difficult to sell but they are difficult to buy ( waiting list or not produced...) :) ....why do you think i closed the online shop??? Can't offer something for sale that is not made ..... anyways the F4 - 150 and F4 - 250 i think are available . What we all really wanna see is them all moving forward also in quality and models variety ( yes, also platinum, lifan, jrd ...)....but it doesn't seem to happen too often is the same old story in a different costume , and this ain't good enough i'd say.
  5. How old is it and how many km did you ride it?
  6. Hope iv done the right thing???
    purchased this bike last week, love it up to now however only done 300k on it,
    had to take it back for back break was inoperative ,
    they adjusted it but not to my liking it just slows me up slowly and would not stop me without front break,
    i payed 59.800 so very cheep compared to honda or kawasaki and could not merit paying almost triple the price out .
    Warranty i had a choice,
    59.800 no warranty
    62,800 with 2 years engine gearbox,starter , bit no electrics , max 20k in 2 years (the one i took)
    63,800 for 3 years,
    only real gripe is the standard %100 off road tread, nylon tyre that im going to change this week for a good dunlop 50/50
    coming down a very wet mountain tarmac road it was like a skating ring
    back wheel even locked on changing down as it could not grip,
    will keep you posted, if anyone is in Chiang mai with similar bike and wants to catch up let me know?
    ps i may be off the wall here but is it Lifan based??? or do they not have a hand in it
  7. Tires are unsafe on wet surface altho it may just be mold wax on them, i will give it a few K,s yet
    Had to have the break adjusted as came out of shop with rear not functioning,(Chiang Mai)
    Had a couple of guys look around it and said the frame ant bike look far better built than the Lifan so fingers crossed its gona be worth the buy,
    pulls well sounds awesome ,only 300k on the clock so will keep you posted,
  8. 285324=13923-_DSE0465%20-%20Version%202.

    Hay guys im loving this bike,
    just done 666.9k so early days,been everywhere with friend on his new honda crf with no problem,
    gearing is different from his on the road behind him when he is in 3rd I'm 4th he 2nd im 3rd ect,
    just put a nice set of Michelin pilots on as could not get a set of 50/50s in Chiang mai and I'm now mainly road use,
    the tires that come with are killers literally so if you buy be prepared to spend on a new set,
    other gripe , rear break is crap so may change pads,
    other than that, great what off roading i done, and great onroad with new tyres for a bike of this price,
    early days i know, not as good as a honda but i believe there old patants ,
    Had a new kew cut and it was a honda key they used and everything looks old honda, so keeping fingers crossed long term it keeps running,
    ps i dropped the oil at 150k and 550k and will do every 500k how cheep it is to do
    keep me posted anyone,on here or
    [email protected]
  9. I sincerely wish you many happy oilchanges!

    Keep us posted.
  10. What are the stock tires?

    Are you really going to change the oil every 500km or is that a typo? I imagine the manual calls for new oil and filter every 3000-5000km?

  11. please keep the updates for the reliabilty i am looking for a 250 next year for tooling around the village on and when my friends stay i have the versys but would like something else in the garage, i was looking at the gpx but i believe sales have been discontinued, how does it rate against the Honda in power, it looks a nice bike
  12. Home Pro?
    What next, dodgy Chinese bikes for sale in Big C?
  13. not now iv put some ks on it iv put synthetic in so probably every 1000 to 1500 now, how cheep it is (160 baht for a change)
  14. it rates as good as the honda in power 95 ks at 6000rpm reds at 10-14000
    my mates new honda was done at 95 ks,
    as i said tho the gearing is different
    he also said he wishes his honda was air cooled .
    dont forget this is box standard and has room for improvement , jets ,airfilters ect,
    running synthetic oil now so will change less frequent , but still around 1000-15000k for what it costs
    the test is my round trip in a couple of weeks to issan and back , will keep you posted on return
  15. PROBABLY EVERY 1500K-2000 now iv been riding around a lot and clocked a few more kl,s have put synthetic in
    the manual says firs 500, second 1k and then every 3k

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