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Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Changnoi1

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    ALthough I was not sure yet if I would take the Scorpion Trail or the MT60 RS Corsa I left this morning for my maiden trip to Bangkok and hoping for no rain. Well riding over the 311, 344, 359, 3122 and then in direction of Lat Krabang I saw some dark clouds and looking to the tarmac it must have been raining shortly before.

    Well it took me a bit more as 2hrs to get to ShowPow at Onnut road Soi 42/2 and I was impressed by their new shop. Within 10sec 2 service-guys were standing next to me and my bike was brought into their shop. Actually they have a back entrance via Soi 42/2, that might be a bit easier to enter the shop.

    I had a look at both tires and did choose for the MT60 RS Corsa. And with no regret! Within 30min the tires were changed and I was ready to ride back again. And what a difference! So much more comfort, a bit rougher at corners but I actually like that. Great tires and great professional service at ShowPow. Are there actually people who still use the stock tires? I did ride them for about 7500km but I should have changed them much sooner. Well anyone like to buy secondhand stock Versys tires ... they are at ShowPow.

    So now preparing moving to Khon Kaen and my next long trip will be riding to Khon Kaen begin next month (weather permitting otherwise the bike goes in the back of the pickup).

    Chang Noi
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  3. ronwebb

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    Chiangnoi1, I got just short of 8000 kms on my stock tyres before I changed to Scorpion Trails and the difference is considerable. I ride mostly two up on trips with two boxes so quite a bit of weight.
  4. nikster

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    MT60s are fantastic from what I hear and saw, ridden with some who had them. They are great on the road, in the wet, and seem well suited for off road too. But I also hear they're probably not going to last all that long.

    I just got Super corsas - those were awesome fun, unbelievably sticky. But the party was over after 4,000 km ;) now I am on Dunlop Alpha 12s, already liking them, they are similar to the supercorsas but way cheaper - 4150 for the rear vs 6500 for the supercorsas.

    Ronwebb how are the Scorpion Trails? Are they good? Do you get the pegs down? I think next time I'll maybe go for Angels, since BT023s are hard to find. The Battlax BT021 isn't' nearly as good as the Supercorsa but it lasts well over 10,000 km and it was _good enough_ for good fun in the twisties.
  5. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Not lasting long was my consideration between the Scorpion Trail and the MT60RSCorsa. Feeling the tires I am sure the the Scorpion Trail will last longer, but what the heck I will see how long the MT's will last. But indeed expensive.

    A friend of mine is riding the Avon Distanzi and seems very happy with it, dunno know yet about how much km he did with it.

    Chang Noi
  6. ronwebb

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    Nikster, the the ST's stick well it seems in both dry and wet which I experienced going to Doi Mae Salong and back last week but for sure I won't be riding as hard as you, especially as I am two up. These tires have been a popular choice for the Versys as I know a good number of folk who are using them.
  7. skybluestu

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  8. skybluestu

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  9. clevertrevor

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    Has anyone got any updates on the best tyres, i have just ordered a new Versys and own a KLX with MT 90's and although they have been great except in mud they do wear out quickly, the Scorpion's or the MT 60 S Corsa's Hmmmm.
  10. NickyBKK

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    I highly recommend the Pirelli Scorpion Trail. I have them on my Versys and I am very impressed. They have good grip, are comfortable and they
    last long (much longer then I thought). I have them on my bike for around 2500Km now and they still look like new.

  11. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    MT60's are great for mild offroad (not mud or sand) but wear out quite fast on pavement.


    If you'll be spending most of your time on pavement it's hard to beat the Pirelli Scorpion Trails!

    Ride On!

    Tony :)
  12. BobSriRacha

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    Hi Tony,

    just joined the site and mightily impressed - so much useful, interesting and entertaining content.

    I know this post is quite old I'm replying to, but just wondered where you bought your MT60s and what size and profiles you fitted to the Versys.

    i live in Sriracha but regularly pop into BKK.

    cheers, Rob

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