New To gt-rider, own a Versys, living on Phuket - In a nut shell!!


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Feb 23, 2012
Hi GT-Riders,

I am new to gt-rider and looking to join a few rides, make a new friends, learn more about biking here.
I live in Phuket and ride a Kawasaki Versys.
I am happy to pass on what little information I have on Thailand, I have toured Southern Thailand - Khao Sok through to Koh Samui and below. This link is to a Video of a tour I did in January with my friend Tony and his tour.

I would be keen to join with other riders from Phuket, but also to join up with riders from all over Thailand and surrounding countries.
I would be interested to travel from Phuket to Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. In Phuket I hear tales of not being allowed to travel with your bike to some of these countries, but I see from the forums Laos seems to be becoming possible.

I would appreciate your views and knowledge.

All the best