New Triumph Dealer opens Chiang Mai Dec 6th 4pm

Jun 21, 2006
OOPS was in such a rush to post this, got date wrong, so for the 6 guys who have allready read this, read again..... you know who you are...

Ian Bungy and I went to check out the new Triumph dealer today.....

The shop is on Nimehaven road next door to Munroes Review, which is the old Downunder Restuarant

Grand opening is Dec 6th, at 4pm and the guy there said they will have 4 bikes on display.

Today when we visited the shop, workman busy chipping up tiles, etc, so no biks there as yet
Sep 19, 2006
This is the official Opening Invitation from Triumph.

The Map of their New Showroom!

I was a Bit surprised by the Small size of the Showroom, something Similar to Richco's Harley one but i suppose it is Big enough for some Show Bikes and accessories and with the Cost of Land and Buildings i guess no point in wasting to much?
On another point for Triumph i had the First Service done on the Tiger yesterday 1000km. While there was a little issue concerning the Oil to be used they went out of the way to Satisfy me and a few Calls to Yut in BKK and all was sorted. They even offered me the "RocketIII 2300cc" for a Courtesy Bike!!! I rode it around the Car Park then took it back parked it and Walked to Airport Plaza!!! Not my Cup of Tea i am afraid. Like Driving a Mack Truck compared to the Tiger. Huge Bike which would be a Handful in Town Traffic but Fun on the Open Road.
So all have a Great Weekend and See you at the Opening, I am Off to Pai!!!
Jun 21, 2006
Wow, what a fun evening..

Lots of pretty girls in short skirts/shorts

Lots of bikes lined up, and our very own Pikey taking centre stage taking delivery of his new Bonneville, mind you when he rode off into the sunset, he seemed to be wobbling a bit, hope he made it home okay.

they certainly had a good roll up of people, announced that they have sold around 35 bikes already which is pretty good going.

Big and Tall, and Suzukiluke were more interested in the girls than the bikes, good to see them dressed especially for the occasion, (the guys that is),arriving on their dirt bikes in full motocross clobber as they had been out riding the trails all day.

Then Ian Bungy had some Farang beuties of his own turn up in skmpy shorts, very nice.

A good time was had by all, with a few of us carrying on at the Fine Thanks later on