New Triumph shop in Chiang Rai

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  1. A great new Triumph shop has opened in Chiang Rai. One side is a showroom and the other side is the 8080 cafe, accessories and coffee shop.



    It's a cool place, with lots of Union Jack's around and modern style layout. The late great Steve McQueen, actor and highly successful Triumph competition rider, features strongly.


    Love the chairs....




    It is run by Khun Pui, who speaks perfect English and is most helpful. I understand he is waiting for official certification to sell bikes but is raring to go, especially as the new bike prices are now more affordable.


    The shop is easy to find, located on the north side of the Kok river, on the new road out of the city over the new bridge, at the last junction before joining highway 1.

    It is at;

    19 deg 56.037' N
    99 deg 50.484' E



    Some 70's petrol tank badges there......


    ........ and Halcyon UK made bar end mirrors, top quality kit with proper British triple chrome plating.


    Ride More, Worry Less......... Spot on!.................. love the old barber's chair.... class...




    Drop in, say Hello and have coffee sometime. Another welcome addition to the biking scene in Chiang Rai.

    A good place too, for those of us who prefer older style riding gear; open face helmets and leather gloves etc.


    Khun Pui, we wish you all the best of luck for the new business.

  2. Great news for bikers in the top end.

    The shop certainly looks smart & professional.

    The best of luck to K Pui.
  3. Top Stuff! We will have to Check it out next time We are up there!
  4. Shop looks top notch and great attitude 'ride more, worry less', will have to visit on my next ride down to Thailand from China end of 2015 - early 2016.

    :thumbs up:
  5. Same guy opened 8080 shop in Phuket. I guess he teamed up with dealership franchise owner Khun Dom Hetrakul who was better known as Nicholas Cage's co-star in motion picture Bangkok Dangerous.


    Nice guy Khun Dom....Back in 2010 he helped me organize gathering of Phuket Sport bike riders in Royal Phuket Marina.


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