New Triumphs for 2011?

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  1. Thought this article from a UK mag may be of interest to Triumph riders...

    'Triumphs might not have had much in the way of new models to shout about over the last few months but on the back of it's impressive 2009 sales figures it's already ahead with development of bikes for 2011 and beyond. Around Hinckley, a new, hardcore off-road Tiger has already been spotted - with 21 inch front wheel and monstrous ground clearance - along with a redesigned Sprint ST and several Speed Triple mules. Big news is expected to be a heavily revised version of the firm's mainstay 1050cc three-cylinder engine'
  2. I heard a Rumor they will also release a Baby Tiger with the 675 Engine!
  3. Remains to be seen whether Triumph will use the 675 engine. As supply is already at it limits for the Street Triple and 675 Daytona. Adding a Tiger to the demand. Supply could prove problematic.

    Anyhooter, the rumour going round is the Tiger 800. Which is prolly a better engine size to suit the Mighty Tiger!
  4. The rumored new Tiger 1050 was mentioned at motorcycle dot com recently.

    Quote: The second bike teased by Triumph is likely a replacement for the Tiger 1050, utilizing the current 1050cc triple motor, but in a different state of tune and with more advanced electronic features (selectable ignition maps, for instance, and perhaps a form of traction control to compete with the Yamaha Tenere).

    The details will be announced here by Triumph:

    Looks like possibly a radical upgrade.
  5. Interesting link as there are three countdown clocks for what they say are two new bikes...

    This image however
    is very promising.

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