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Mar 18, 2013

I've been lurking around this excellent site and forum for a while now.....It really is quite awesome.

A little about me............

First ever ride on two wheels was (bizarrely) in CM about 13 years ago. .....Didn't touch a bike again till 2005/6 when I discovered Enfields in India. Since 2009 I've been coming to CM and it's environs twice a year and gradually riding bigger bikes in the area.

After my last trip in Nov 2012 by which time I had progressed to a Versys I decided to actually get a licence and a bike in the UK so did CBTs & tests in Dec and got me a Kawasaki W800.

On this latest trip to CM I discovered the joys of CRFs & KLXs and am going to buy one for here.

Er....that's it


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Mar 12, 2013
Hello and welcome along! As you can see I'm also a new member and also coincidentally riding one of the bikes that you are considering, a Honda CRF 250 L. Personally I'm really pleased with it to be honest! Only done 1300km so far but yeh it's been great! I had a couple of 600's in the UK So I'm certainly missing a bit of the power I was used to but for here it's perfect. I'm planning to do a few mods so should hopefully pep it up a bit.

I've never ridden the KLX So cannot comment on it, I'm guessing that it's largely the same to be honest. Here in Laos the CRF was 180,000 Baht (Yes I know it was expensive!) Where as a KLX is 220,000!!!!