New Wave, no plate/green Laos???


Mar 10, 2006
Here is the dilema. I need to go to the Thai Consulate in Savannahket, Laos for a visa before the dreaded Songkron starts and the consulate is closed the 14th, 15th and 16th of this month.

The plan is to ride to Mukdahan from Chong Mek on Monday. Find a hotel for the night with parking available for the bike then take the bus across. Take care of business in Laos then return via same, same.

Any recommendations for a hotel with secure bike parking in Mukdahan?

Now since I am very close to the Chong Mek Border Crossing (25 kilometers away) I would rather cross into Laos there and ride up to Savannahket that way but I am not really sure if I can take the bike.

The scenario is:

I bought a new Honda Wave 125X 2 months ago for the GF at the largest(only) Honda Dealer in Buntharlik. A Wave with disk brakes on the front and the REAR! (Just like my grown up KTM 950s Adventure that is hybernating for the winter in the states). 825cc less but atleast it has a throttle and 2 wheels.

The bike is registered in my GF's name.

Have all the invoice papers and insurance (don't know what they say since they are all in Thai).

No Plate Yet.

No Green Book Yet.

The GF does not have a drivers license for a motorcyle.

Is this enough documents to temporary export the bike without a plate and green book?

Is she able to complete the export papers if she does not have a license and I am driving? Or does the operator of the motorcycle need to complete with their passport info?

Thanks for any info.