New Yamaha 250 Street bike in 2014.

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  1. This weeks Australian Motorcycle News has story that Yamaha are to build a 250cc street bike, most likely based upon the YZF-R6.

    Doesn't say where it will be made or anything... Thailand?
  2. Here is the 'leaked' image. Looks like a Photoshop job to me.

  3. Yep - the article did say that none of the usual hints, like patents being filled, or spy photos, would indicate it is still very much on the drawing board stage...

    On a side note - the same mag showed that Honda are doing promo photos of a 3 bike CB500 based line-up, one of which is a CB500X - dual sport(ish) styling... tho it is all the same chassis and suspension, so the X version would have no better offroad capability than the fully fared CBR...
  4. It is a nice looking 250
    Of course this is not the final as it has no lights etc.
    But looks like a nice twin 250

  5. someone have any news when it will be available in Thailand ?

  6. I saw a blue/white street bike today on the road - could it have been the R25?

    Usually I hear that it's out first and see it later.

    Depending on the price it could be a Ninja killer.

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