New Yamaha Big Bikes.

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  1. I dropped My Pickup in for Servicing this Morning and was Walking towards the "Three Kings Monument on Phrapokklao Road and as i walked Past the Yamaha Dealer happened to Look in and there was a Truck Unloading New Yamaha Big Bikes. Of Course i had to Investigate!!!
    I was speaking with Kittipob Rodsiri who formally worked for BMW here in Chiang Mai. He Gave Me the Brochure and Price List of what is Currently Avalible. Yamaha are Building a New Showroom which they will use and i will Give you the Location when i find out where again (I forgot already!)
    The Bikes Here Now are:
    FZ6-Fazer 437.000 Baht
    FZ1-Fazer 577.000 Baht
    YZF-R6 587.000 Baht
    YZF-R1 707.000 Baht
    FJR1300A 777.000 Baht
    All Bike Prices include Registration and Insurance! Good Deal.
    My Choice would be the FZ1-Fazer. Beautiful Bike. Lower than my Tiger i can put both feet Flat on the Ground easily. More Power & Lighter, Feels Small and Light and Great Handle Bars.
    Later i returned with TJ, Dom & another Brit Bike Guy and i took the FJR1300 for a Spin. Very Reminiscent of my FJ1200. Great Power, Riding Position and everything else. Electric Screen was a Treat to keep the Bugs off your Helmet Visor. Seemed to have a Low Pleasant Grumble to the Engine like Real Power waiting to be unleashed. The Perfect weapon to Eat up Long Distances in Comfort!!!
    Kittipob said early Next Year they will have More Models available including the New V-MAX!!! I asked about the New XT660 Tenere but he didn't know so took a Note and will get back to me, will keep you posted.
    So Looking Good for the Biking Community and all the Rumours may finally be fulfilled!!! Excellent. :D
  2. good news , yamaha make great bikes, well engineered ,,,, shame is I dont like any enough to buy one.
  3. Didn't notice any dragstars can the be ordered?
  4. Have to Wait and see what New Models arrive Next Year. There was No Dragsters and i never Asked. As Told "will be more New Models Next Year" Fingers Crossed.
  5. Well worse comes to worse there is a shop here in Udon that can and has brought in new dragstar 1100CC on a order.

    Got a plate and book issued.
  6. Seems to me like it was 470, but it's been a while I'll ask Terry when he gets back and let you know.
  7. Ya but it might have been less then that let me check he is working should be back in a week or so.

    But keep in mind the bike will be reasymbled warranty I have no idea, for me it's alternative if I can't order one in Chaing Mai. But not going to be doing anything for a while. The bike he brought in wa primo. There was one problem with a front disc not being true it was repaired at no cost.

    The book looked new and was issued out of Rayon
  8. I was in the area today so I went by the shop for a 2008 model dragstar 1100 with the book 510 K.
  9. FYI

    Went in today & asked about a Dragstar and they apologised that it would be next year before their showrooms have them available.

    I said, "You mean next month??" :shock: I knew the answer already, apparently much later next year! They seem more focused on the fast / sport looking models.

    Oh well, keep looking on the net.

  10. I think they are bigger sellers so thats logical.
  11. Hi Ian
    Don't suppose you have any contact details for the Yamaha dealer do you? 577,000 for an new FZ-1 with a book sounds pretty good. Must agree about FJ1200 (one of the reasons I have an XJR which is getting on a bit, same engine but slightly softer tuned) plenty go and the engines were as tough as old boots. Wonder if the fuel injection glitch that everybody goes on about is as bad as they make out.
  12. Tubber

    FZ1-Fazer 577,000 includes registration, insurance and warranty (2 yrs I think but forgot what the guy told me)

    The dealer in Chiang Mai is:

    Charoen Motor Chiangmai
    Office: 053 218 555 and 053 213 292

    Fax: 053 213 292

    Sales Reps:
    Kittiphop 089 758 9876
    Bunnak 083 471 0336

    The sales rep Ian and I met there was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and as Ian has mentioed earlier, no problem letting Ian take the FJR for a test ride.
  13. Thanks T.J.
    All I have to do now is peruade the wife it is absolutely necessary to spend 577,000 on a new bike and run across to Chiang Mai.
  14. Tubber

    We all wish you luck......... with the missus
  15. Thanks T.J. will need it......... just hoping she can't count that high. Might have to wait for my bonus from work too after ending up with a 1000 USD bar bill in Manila.
  16. Today I got a call from the guys at Yamaha Chiang Mai, to tell me that they are holding a "Big Bike" event tomorrow ( 11 Jan ) between 10:00 - 14:00 at the Hang Dong race circuit.

    Anyone else know this was happening?

  17. Looks like Charoen Motor also have a new website Link removed with the new Yamaha models.
  18. Yep, that site is coming along.

    The project manager Kh Jo of the Big Bikes initiative who was also at the ride last Sunday, explained to me there is a defined plan to develop the Yamaha big bike presence here.

    Firstly was to introduce some bikes at their 3 Kings shop, then move the Big Bike business to Huay Kaew shop, followed by the development of a club with rides & events. This would then be enhanced with other models of big bikes being introduced to the shop but all of their activity demonstrated / discussed etc on the website.

    The website at the link in the previous post is quite bare right now but over the last month it has grown up a bit.

    So I guess it's watch this space & enjoy the ride! How apt is that!?

  19. A few pics taken at the Hang Dong track.

    These guys had some fun!

    For info, anyone interested, there is an opening party at the Yamaha Huay Kaew shop Friday 18 Jan 18:00 till 20:00 all welcome apparently.

  20. Well went to the Party Last Night and Good show the "North Comets" were there in Force along with all the Usual Local Guys and Gt-Rider Contingent. Also Good to See they have already Sold Quite a few New Bikes including R6 and FZ1 Fazer. If they had of Been a couple of Months earlier opening the FZ1 Fazer would be in My Garage!!! Fantastic Bike, 150hp and Great Value for Money (200.000 Bht Cheaper than My Tiger)!!! Spoke to one of the Bosses and also Kittipob again to find out the Latest and the Big Word is after taking a Rider Survey they Will Definitely Sell Dirt Bikes here including XT660R and the "Tenere" No doubt the WR as well. Unfortunately they won't be available till towards the end of the Year. But Hell worth the Wait!!! I have asked to be informed as soon as they Know more about Dates and Models? Now we are really Talking and Will Finally Get some Real Bikes with multiple uses instead of these Mobile Barges we call Street Bikes!!! I know what i want Next Birthday!!!
  21. wr450 with plate would be the choice i reckon, but what fuel to run it on?!
  22. Here's the deal.......
  23. I wish yamaha would bring back the XS650 the best bike they ever made .
  24. Ian apart from the price difference you should avail yourself of some of the international reviews of the FZ1 before making statements that this would now be in your garage instead of the Tiger if it had been available earlier. The reviews are not kind and besides that from what I know you bought the Tiger as a more multi purpose bike. The FZ1 is purely street,nowhere near 150hp (you don't need that anyway).
    If you want a Fazer I know where you can get a very nice earlier model very cheap!
  25. over the years i have owned 4 XS650s two i bored out to 850 flat track style , one was standard and i chopped the other all excellent machine with a great sound.

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