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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newly fully licenced UK rider with International Permit looking to go HCMC-Sapa in Sept (2-3 weeks) solo and i had a few questions if you could kindly help please?

    1) Can you recommend an Insurer pls, main concern is repatriation if the worst happens. Nomad doesn't seem to cover touring.

    2) What kind of gear is available and what do they roughly cost pls? I'm looking for body armour like shin, knees, arms, elbows, chest and ankle waterproof boots. Is there any HCMC websites?

    3) If i stopped somewhere to do a short activity, like kite surfing, would it be safe to leave bag tied by wire to the bike rack or should i always take it with me? Do i need to lock my bike at all?

    4) I'm 5"7 and slim, what would be a good sized frame bike for me please? I'm thinking of renting a 150cc kawasaki KLX.

    5) Do rentals usually have helmet boxes?

    many thanks for your kind assistance

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