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  1. I wanted to say hi and thank you for this amazing resource. I'll be traveling across SEA for six months starting in February. I plan to arrive in Hanoi in March, buy a motorcycle and ride to HCMC and perhaps through Cambodia as well.

    I've not done any serious riding in a decade, but have ridden across the US twice and I've ridden as far as the Darien Gap in Panama. That trip was 10,000 miles in 10 weeks.

    Hopefully, I'll see some of you on the road.

    Be well!
  2. Welcome to GT-Rider!

    By most accounts it's not very easy to take a Vietnamese registered bike into Thailand, but it has been done.

    You might want to consider renting in each country and saving yourself the potential headaches involved with taking vehicles across borders.

    Keep us posted!

  3. Tony,
    Sorry if I was not more clear. I'm just hoping to make it across the border to Cambodia and ride there. I've yet to find info on riding a bike registered in Vietnam through Cambodia and I'm looking for border crossing info as well. With any luck I'll make it across the borde into Cambodia and be able to sell my bike there before flying to Indonesia, my next stop after Cambodia. I'm following the weather!

  4. Gday & welcome Eddie
    For border crossng info,the best place to start is here

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