Newbie needs potential purchase checked out

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  1. I have seen a super 4 for sale at 40,000. Can anyone recommend somewhere to take this to be checked out? Or should I try to get someone to go to the owners house? I've never bought in Thailand - not sure what's best. Cheers! Great site by the way - after reading about the loops went and did the samkanpearng loop on my 100 wave yesterday, with a 30baht private hot spring bath to boot. But arse still sore after 2 of us on same bike did a mai sai visa run...
  2. Maybe you could take it to german Joes bike shop or get a falang to look at it .Taking it to a Thai bike shop could be okay as long as the guy selling it is not a friend of the shop . Having said that the super fours seem to be a reliable little bike as they are quite softly tuned and seem to go on and on for years .If you can test ride it ,keep it running for long enough for the water to heat up,to see if it overheats.maybe restart it a few times to see if the battery and starter are okay . Try some slow speed,constant but light braking to see if there is a judder from the brakes due to a warped disc and then take it up the road and wring its neck to see if it revs out cleanly and all the gears work .40'000 baht sounds about right.Good luck.
  3. To see if the frame is straight (accident) try to take the hands off the handles at around 60km/h or so, if it wobbles or pulls to one side that's a bad sign. After the test ride touch the discs if they're hot; if so, tell the seller to take them apart and clean them (if it's a shop); if private, tell him the brakes are bad and talk the price a bit down. Also don't forget to look IN the fuel tank - some older bikes have rusty tanks. Check the manifolds between the carbs and cylinders for cracks; I used to bring a bottle of E-circuit cleaner and spray it on the manifolds while the bike is idling - if the revvs go down, they need to be replaced. Check brakepads for wear, for oil on the underside of the engine (yes, you have to get down on your knees before you can take her home :cool:) run a hand over the forklegs to see if the seals are good a.s.o...
  4. That was interesting klaus and thanks because i have forgotten a lot . What is the spray you would use on the manifolds ? Is it like WD40 , a kind of light penetrating oil ? or silicon ?

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