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  1. Gudday all, There are 6 of us coming up the 8th November for 10 days doing an anti clockwise loop. 2 days in Chiang Mai, then down to Nan for 2 days, then basically following the border up and across and down. I have picked the eyes out of your Day Loops and David Unkovich's book and just joined them all up for a 10 day ride. We would like to stop in at the Kafe on the Saturday or Sunday night to say Gudday if that is OK. We are staying at the Siri Guest House which I believe is reasonably close. Question I have is regarding Mosquitoes and Malaria. I have done a fair bit of searching through the WHO and related sites, and the feeling that I am getting for our limited exposure is prevention. It will be daytime riding on sealed roads, airconditioned accommodation, but wondering if we should go the way of drugs in advance. Thanks.

    Dean Watson
  2. I don't bother.

    Repellent on me and, sometimes, flyspray in the room and that's it.

    Surely you're not missing the delights of riding in Bangkok?!


    PS were the Aussies at the olympics this time?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was leaning to prevention with repellants so that is good. I have done plenty of riding in Bangkok, generally on the back of the motorcycle taxis and that is exciting enough. Don't mention the Olympics! :shock:

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