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Discussion in 'Phuket / South Thailand - General Discussion' started by swellsrides, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. swellsrides

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    Hello Fellow Phuket Riders!
    My name is Steve and I just moved to Phuket from Sri Lanka on Saturday. I am writing for a variety of reasons. First to see if this forum is active, and get hooked into the community. I had to sell my bike in Sri Lanka and need another bike ASAP. Am thinking a Dual Sport bike might be best from what I have seen, but am open to suggestions. I enjoy riding with others, so if it is more off road, I can go that way. If it's more of a touring group, I can do that too.

    My wife tells me I need to find us a house before I can buy a bike, so if you have any suggestions on the best way to go about that, it would be much appreciated. We need to be within 30 - 45 mins from the Central Festival area, as that is where her office is. We really like the Bangtao Beach area.

    Any other general info is always greatly appreciated, as we are very new here, and want to meet people and get into the community quickly. We should be here at least 2 years.

    Cheers, and thanks for your time!

    PS; This is a quick ride report, with photos from a few rides in Sri Lanka if you are interested. ... ight=lanka ... ight=lanka
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  3. Noel Akers

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    Welcome to Phuket Steve. May have a few ideas for you to toss around.Will PM you and we can hook up some where .
    Cheers Noel
  4. siinthai

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    Hi steve,
    welcome mate...we need some more riders here...
    Nackers and i will help out. Have PM sent to you.

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