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Discussion in 'New Members' started by apb82, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    I’m new to the GT forum but not new to riding in SE Asia. In 2009 my wife and I rode an ER-6n from Chiang Mai to the Golden Triangle and back on the same day (not recommended, the return trip in the dark was fatiguing and freezing!) Had we known about this forum prior to that we would have made it a weekend trip rather than pushing it in 1 day.

    I’ve also done a couple great rides in the Philippines that some of you might be interested in. There is a big bike rental in Angeles City called Nice Bike: He’s a fair guy, prices are good.

    The wife and I took the Honda Transalp up the Northern Luzon Expressway to Baguio, then took the main road to Sagada, in Mountain Province (beautiful place, excellent local coffee). That road twists and races along the top of a ridge, it’s utterly mind-blowing. From Sagada we went to Ifugao Province to see the rice terraces in Banaue (worth spending a couple days exploring/hiking), then went back to Angeles City via Bagabag.
    One helpful note about riding in the Philippines: If you’re going to go thru Manila, get a 400cc+ bike. This is required to use the Expressway. If your bike is less than 400cc (and the police do make stop checks) then you’ll be stuck on the frontage roads with all the jeepneys, trikes, coconut carts, etc.

    Some might not want to include the Philippines in the discussion of GT riders, but I think it fits. BTW - Once you get to Manila, it’s easy and cheap to port your bike from island to island on ferrys.
  2. I'd love to tour the Philippines some day- good to know about the <400c restriction on the expressways. We dream of someday being able to take our bikes onto Thai expressways legally...

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