Newby roi et area sayin hello

Discussion in 'New Members' started by jimbobs, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Just waiting delivery of my new Verseys would be up for a ride in 2013 if anyones up for it, or any suggestions of wheres good around Issan for any solo rides thats worth a look
    happy days
  2. Cruise up to Kalasin and take a right on the ring road and take the turn to Sakhon Nakon, It's a good ride with some nice twisties over the mountains. Other than that just go out and explore, it's pretty flat around the area but there is still some good riding to be had. Welcome to the forum and it will be good to have another rider around, I live about 20 clicks closer to Roi Et than Phon Thong.
  3. Hello Hawaiianbrian
    Thanks for the advice ile do that ,is there any bars around Roi et that ferangs drink in ;because sometimes i need to hear a westerner ,dont get me wrong i love the village but its good to av the craic some days, and not explain myself 10 times,ime sure you know. cool looking bike youve got their ime a cruiser guy at heart but the versys seems a practical bike for Thailand, anyway hopefully ile see you around ,good luck
  4. Yes, the Versys looks to be a good bike. I don't know anything about the dealer situation as I have bought both my bikes second hand because I prefer bigger bikes. There are several bars in Roi Et where falangs hang out, Chai Ka is on the road into Roi Et from Phon Thong on the left between the Enjoy Restaurant and Home Shop and a couple on the Bung Palanchai (the lake in the middle of Roi Et) there are 2 side by side, Tim and Lek's and 101Pizza. If you stop in to one of those you can get someone to tell you what is going on in Roi Et. I am away working right now and won't be home until mid to late February. I'll try to send you a message when I get back and see if you are around for a ride. Take care. Brian

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