Newish to Chiang Mai - Looking for a Cheap Bike

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  1. Where can I find a cheap (20k-ish), legal, dirt-capable bike? For that sort of money what can I get? A modified Sonic? A 200cc trail bike?

    Here's a pic of my crappy little Sym I rode from Vientane to Ha Noi:
  2. Only thing that comes to my mind is you riding around town and look for small shops that sell modified Dreams, Waves, Sonics. Another cheap near dirt-able bike would be very old Yamaha TW200, there's lots of them in town but for 20k no plate and maybe even no invoice papers so a no-no unplated. Good luck, Franz
  3. What kind of money does it take to start thinking about the 125-200cc enduro-type bikes and what models would I want to look for?

    Maybe a Yamaha MTX?
  4. Yamaha WR200's are around for that price but odds are they will not have a green book.

    Honda MTX 125's are also around and I've seen them with number plates.

    Peter of Pai used to have some older Kawasaki KDX 200's with plates for sale at around 20k BHT. However I have not seen him in Pai for awhile.

    Best of luck.
  5. I've stopped by a few of the shops and people are telling me to go to San Patong Market this Saturday early in the morning. I want to spend about 20k but I can creep up into the 30k's if I have to. I want something zippy (for a street bike) and/or trail-worthy that can still get me to work everyday.

    Can anyone add to my list of what I should be looking for? Am I on the right track?

    Honda Sonic (2 stroke preferred, modified for offroad or not)
    Yamaha WR200
    Yamaha TW200
    Honda MTX
    Honda NSR150
    Honda CBR150
    Kawasaki KDX200
    Yamaha DT125
  6. The San Patong market is a decent place to go for used bikes. However last time I was there a couple of years ago there were no larger bikes, things may have changed since then.

    Keep in mind the Honda CBR150 and NSR150 are streetbikes and not that suited for offroad, though they can go slowly along a dirt road. Here's my NSR150.

    Best of luck sourcing a bike.
  7. That's a real nice bike. I would get such a kick out of riding a 2 stroke on the street.

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