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  1. Guys, I'm back to the site, sorry for my absence but a lot of things have happened in the past weeks. Since coming back from my New Years stay in CNX I could secure a new job in Lamphun which means this will keep me very busy until end of April and not giving me the chance for any trips now. Need to get a good house with plenty of space for my bikes near Hang Dong, sell the current one at Bowin, shift all my gear up North and sell off 2 bikes, sorry one only, as I sold already the unregistered old SRX 4 already. Will soon make a post as I will also get rid of the restored SRX4 too. My posts will be random and few as I need to get my bulk shifted & registered up North no later than ~24th of April. Will be up North now every 2nd weekend, once all is settled there will be of course a big Housewarming party !!!!! Coming HOME finally !!!!!!!!! Cheers, Franz
  2. Many thanks Colin, I have been working on this since 20 years, condition was a good job and that's what I got and will be my main dedication. Other than that (I still have to work a long time) I'm very much looking forward to my new life in CNX and especially all GT-Riders up there, will be also very sorry not to be in our small but very nice group here at the Eastern Seaboard. My change gives them an excuse for coming up & seeing me frequently !!!!!!!! :lol: Their major shareholders cannot disagree here............ :p , cheers, Franz
  3. Good to hear everything is working out as You had planned :wink: Call in whenever you have a Chance and we can catch up on things. Should be able to fit in some Rides as well All the Best.
  4. Hey Franz - Hey Neighbour 8)

    Good to hear your plan is coming together, remember not to rush it, you only get one chance.

    See you soon

  5. Ian & Ally, many thanks for your wishes !!!! I am very very much looking forward to you, other friends at GTR and CNX and would rather move today than in 3 months time !!!! Right now negotiating for a property at Koolpunville 9 which has rather good quality homes. Hopefully can conclude in Feb. so March will be for rebuilding the house and April for transfer. Cheeeeeeeeeeeers & see u soon, Franz
  6. Hi Franz, Really glad to hear all going in the direction you wanted, even if it makes you tooo busy to phone old mates!

    You are moving further away from good old Isaarn, but hopefully the end result is we will get to ride a little more often, as I enjoy my regular trips up to Chiang Mai.
    Hope all the neccessary bits fall into place without to much stress and see you up there sometime. Cheers John
  7. Good news Franz and I'm happy that after 20 years you finally realize your dream! Let's hope it all works out and I look forward to having a few beers and rides with you over the coming months/years.


  8. John & Pikey, many thanks for your wishes, of course we will meet and have some goodies & rides together, just bear with my absence 3 more months !!!! :lol: Cheers, Franz
  9. Hey buddy. Sounds like all good news.

    I'm sure you'll get it sorted in time.

    Just remember to call me when you need help getting rid of your beer stock!!!
  10. Peter, well, that will be really necessary as I do not want to risk having some beercrates in my car while shifting up there and them getting damaged by the high temperature & shaking in the 900 kms drive............... :lol: . Please give Marco sometimes the chance to relax and ride the bike between your scientific research on malt-technology while up in Esarn........ :roll: Cheers, Franz
  11. Hey Franz,
    Congratulations on the new job and move!
    Hope it all goes smoothly and look forward to riding with you again once the dust settles.
    Happy Trails!
  12. So Lamphun it is, very interesting , you remember our talk were to go living after Phuket, Franz. I guess the whole area Lamphun / Lampang it outside the of the smog basin? I always thought only North of CNX ever just a bit South.

    How about being the smoky guinea pig? :)

    Wishing you all the best

  13. Tony & Pico, many thanks !! Once the dust settled, it will be back to riding-riding-riding until my a.. gets black from it...... :oops: . Won't settle in Lamphun, too ashamed to have such a numberplate on my bikes, will do it somewhere between CNX and Hang Dong, so Ï'm close to Baan Tawai "my" shopping center....... :lol: . Once I'm up there, you're naturally invited to come & see me. Cheers, Franz
  14. Good on you Franz and all the best for the up coming yrs up north,,but do drop by in this direction some time's..

    Regarding Peter SciFi of Malt,, we did some serious investication last night in Roi Et on those Horse [email protected]#ss jugs,,but like i said,, i won,,"someone" gave up and went to sleep.... :wink:
  15. Yay Franz, outstanding news & "welcome home."
    It will be great to have & see you in Chiang Mai permanently - lots of rides / dinners / drinks coming up I can see.
    See ya when I get back from Laos, in LPQ at the moment "supervising" Moto-Rex. Ha. Ha.

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