night riding

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  1. Does any bodyon here set off to a destination at the UK I used to leave liverpool on my bike at about 2am and ride to Scotland for work at 7 am..i wore a ski suit to keep me warm and really enjoyed it..
    Does anybody ride at night on a long journey here...
    Is it a good idea or not
    Ps i apologise about 2 posts in one night ime bored
  2. Personally I try to avoid riding much at night here in Thailand. The number of drunk drivers on the roads at night are shocking, add to that the dogs that often sleep on the warm blacktop and the fact that it's harder to see potholes and other hazards at night, the risk of riding after dark seems to increase exponentially.

    That said, I've found riding in the wee hours, like after ~2am, when pretty much everyone is asleep and the roads are mostly deserted, can be pretty enjoyable. :happy1:

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