Ninja 300 and Z800 available in Thailand in 2013?

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Had a nice chat with the Japanese country manager for Kawasaki, Thailand this weekend and he expects we'll see the Thai-manufactured Ninja 300 and Z800 in Thailand next year. :happy1:
  2. +1

    Heard the same through the grapevine... aka the local dealer. Did you get dates a little more specific? Last I heard it was April but it seems to be changing every week...
  3. No dates, but according to country manager Kawasaki isn't able to keep up with demand for the Ninja 300 and has a 3000 unit backorder they need to clear before they even think about offering it here.
  4. That makes sense; This is like a new iPhone, only 1/1000th of the volume ;)

    What about the Z800?
  5. I really admire Kawasaki for producing the Ninja 300, it should be way better, especially when you compare it to the CBR250.
    But I'm afraid that by the time it will be available you'll be able to buy a CB500 for 20,000 THB more...
  6. Both bikes getting big wraps in the press here in Australia... maybe just to tease you more...
  7. MCN video of Ninja 300 vs rivals

  8. Give us the KLX 450 or KRL 650 with FI to meet the silly emissions laws
  9. its good they compete , makes them work out on the pricing too...but to be honest why is the cbr250 cheaper than the ninja250 ? i think a lot goes to the engine where the one is a thumper while the other a unless honda is giving the cbr500 a single , i don't think they will be able to produce as cheap as the do on the cbr250... in my thoughts i don't think there will be a pricegap of only 20000thb between ninja300 and cbr500....i am curious in what price we will see .also look forward on the z800, specially like the orange one :)
  10. Honda can offer the 250 (or any other Honda) cheaper because of the sales volume. If Kawasaki sells one bike, Honda sells about twenty. That way the profit per bike can be calculated lower. It doesn't have anything to do with the actual value or quality of the bike.
    Here's a video of a Kawasaki Ninja 300 dyno test:

    35 rear-wheel horses, not bad at all! Almost ten more hp out of 50 more cc!
  11. ....a twin is involving higher production cost than a thumper...i wonder what price honda would sell a cbr250 if it was a twin? we will never know i guess:)
  12. It will always be cheaper to manufacture a single compared to a twin. Compare if you will the price of Honda VTR 250 twin vs CB"r" 250 single.
  13. Of course it is always cheaper to manfacture one cylinder compared to two. But to say the Ninja 250 is more expensive than the CBr250 because it's a twin is only half the truth.
    New models have to be developed, which costs millions, then there's the tooling and manufacturing, the assembly, the shipping, storage a.s.o. - all production factors which don't differ much for singles or twins. At the end of the day the amount of cylinders is not really making a decisive difference concerning the final sales price.
    BMW dropped the K75 since 80% of the bike was identical with the K100 but it was not economically feasible to sell it for 75% of the the price of the K100. It had to be cheaper than the K100 but to get the bikes on the showroom floor cost almost the same.
    If Honda would have decided to sell the VTR250 here instead of the CBR250 the price would not have been much higher than the CBRs because of the high amount of expected sales, twin or not. Personally I really would have preferred that, I had an invoice-only one for two years and really liked it!
  14. well we can assume only that a honda vtr 250 would only been little higher in price than the cbr250, or not....but we don't have the actual facts confirming that ,are we? Maybe we get the vtr250 in future too than we have some real picture , not only some guesswork :)

    One thing i am curious though..Thailand with so many "chopper'ers" Kawasaki had the 175 Boss and Honda the Phantom 200 i still see a lot of these bikes around so they must have been sold pretty decently seems they completely off their list now. I am not particular seeking for one of them but as part of their variety it surely is missing .

    I am wondering if there is a price of the z800 already in the rumor -department ?
  15. HI there,
    My first post on this forum.
    Nice to discover it and see its full of answers.
    I live in Bangkok for 9 years and so I am used to nonsense things for a while.
    Just I don't find nice the Kawasaki produced here in Thailand a bike that so many locals wanna buy but couldn't as it is not plan to sell it on the local market.
    In this video i found on Kawasaki French website >

    watch at > 2.59 mn they are saying on the official video that the Z 800 was built specially for european customers where they sell most of their Z750 before.
    No mention of sell it in Asia or America for example.

    I am surprised to have read on the forum that the Z 800 is officialy sold in Malaysia so.

    Another nonsense...

    To try the bike I will have to go back to my hometown so 9500 km far away despite the bike is built less than 200 km from where i live....
    Amazing Thailand and Kawasaki.

    At least Ducati sell all their bikes here and even produce cheaper model for the local market. Good move from the italian that the japonese should copy in the futur.


  16. Welcome Frederic,

    I assume that they wouldn't build an 800 for Asia, as sales of 'big bikes' are low, and in many countries none at all due to regulation... surely their marketing and development is going to be focused on the market where they see their greatest sales coming, but that doesn't exclude them from low-volume sales in other markets...

    As to your comment about 'finding nice' the Kawasaki products for sale in Thailand... Obviously bikes like the ER6 and Versys do not have anywhere near the same following in Australia that they do in Thailand... but they are a good price/spec deal for what is available in Thailand, which makes them attractive to many people...

    Welcome again,


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