Ninja 300 revealed

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Rhodie, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Well it certainly Looks 100% better than the Old 250! Looks more like the 1000.
  2. Australian Road Rider has the specs. Here.
  3. It's official for the UK, EU, Canada and Australia already. :)
  4. Hopefully they fit a more 'throaty' exhaust on it as the original one on the old model sounds like an dog fart at my place there's both 250's the Ninja and the CBR, rode both several times already, must admit I like the Ninjette much more than the CBR, both for fun, acceleration and seating position. Rgds, FR
  5. Ha, I like it! Kawa breaks out and produces a from-the-ground-up new 300cc Ninja instead of just changing the looks and give it FI. Take that, Honda! Now the CBR250R is really lame.

    On the Ozzie site it says 29kW - 39hp - that's a bit optimistic, or not? And a curb weight of 170 kg?

    Can't wait to read a first ride report and wonder how much it will sell for in TH - 200K?

    I can see lots of 200cc singles collecting dust on KTM showrooms...
  6. I asked the sales manager at Kawa HQ if the Ninja 300 will be sold in Thailand and he said he didn't know... Might be a while before it's available in Thailand...
  7. Who's going to buy a Ninja 250 now that the 300 has been announced? They have to offer it here...
  8. Ha ha ha! Are you trying to apply LOGIC to Thai marketing??? ;)

  9. The only logic I can see is the Ninja300 will obliterate CBR250 sales.

    So many uninformed CBR250 owners regret buying after they realize the Ninja250 is faster & smoother with 2 cylinders.....They don't have to know anything about bikes to guess a Ninja300 will be faster/better.
  10. While I don't disagree that the Ninja 250R is faster, more powerful, smoother and all around more fun than the Honda CB'r' 250, the Honda is cheaper and more fuel efficient than the Kwacker so appeals to to a different demographic.

    I imagine the new Ninja 300 will be quite a bit more expensive than the cheap Honda CB'r' 250 so reckon the Honda will remain a popular choice for the masses and the new Ninjette will appeal to those buyers who are looking for better performance and are willing to pay for it.
  11. The 300 is more expensive?! I would find it pretty strange if they didn't offer it here, given that it's made in SEA. Why not offer both? But the dealer here in CM says it's not coming for 2013.
  12. Kawasaki has to fill their export quota before they'll consider offering it domestically.

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