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  1. We are Finally going to Get the ZX-10R. Unfortunately I never Took a Photo of it for some unknown Reason :roll: It is a Beautiful Bike and Seems Incredibly Small for a 1000, Hardly any Bigger than the ER6f :shock: Of Course the Comparison Stops there, How is this :
    ZX-10R VS ER-6f
    179kgs 208 kgs
    172 HP 72 HP

    The Price is 650.000 Baht, which is OK I think for one of the Top Ranking Bikes in the Litre Class 8)
  2. Yeah Ian what I read the 2009 model 10 has lost weight, gained power but the most important change is a large improvement in handling and ridability - they have always claimed excessive raw power with twitchy handling issues. The HP is mind blowing, 120HP is a handfull, so Kawa and the new Honda CBR1000 @ approx 170 Hp would certainly be the quickest bikes around.
  3. 555

    The sales guys at Kwacker BKK have been hounding me to buy a ZX10R. :roll: I think they're nuts! Back home where the price would be half I might consider it. But here on Thai roads?! No thanks!

    Still- damn nice looking bike!

    Happy Trails!


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  4. Was in Kawasaki in Chiang Mai yesterday to see if they had the plate for my ER6 yet. Didn't have it but they had a ZX10R sitting in the showroom.
    Wow very nice bike.
    Like Tony said they are pushing hard to sell them.
    When I ordered the ER6 they wanted to know if I would like to get an order in for the ZX10. They quoted the missus 650,000 for it yesterday.
    I'm very happy with the ER6 and even if I had the money I dont think the ZXR would suit Thailand as well as the ER6 does.
    Anyway still a very nice bike.
  5. In the US I bought a '98 ZX9R with only 200 miles on the clock because it was a real good deal, somebody dropped it and got scared, sold it cheap. It was then the fastest bike until the R1 came out a year later. Something like 140hp, top speed of 270km/h, redline at 12000 rpm. I rarely opened it up more than 8000 rpm because it already went like stink, more than taht I wouldn't have been able to handle. I regularly shat my pants on that bike, I felt like it's "cocaine on wheels", it gave me a high that was difficult to control. Porsche, Corvette, Lotus - see ya later!
    That bike would be total overkill on Thai roads already. If some rich Thai kids with limited experience buy this new ZX10 they will end up killing themselves. They should have imported the ZX6R instead.
  6. BJ
    Did you see any ER6 bikes in the shop ?
    They sent my plates for teh ER6 whtinn 6 weeks,next time you go look for the plates do you mind asking the manager if they can deliver 6 bikes in august ?

    be safe
  7. Nuw

    My wife called Chiang Mai Kawa manager this morning and he said it was possible to get 6 ER6s in August. You can call the older brother on 0894330616 his name is Noppadon. Best to order as soon as possible.
    Good luck

  8. Too true!

    I saw a fat rich Thai kid dump his brand new Hayabusa at the BRC track a couple of weeks ago- he didn't hurt himself so we had a good laugh, but if he can't handle the bike on a track how long does he expect to survive in Bangkok traffic?!

    There's no shame in starting small and working your way up, and there's also some wisdom in choosing a bike that is appropriate to the roads you will have at your disposal.

    I say the ZX10R is overkill for anything other than BIRA. (I have a friend who rides his ZX10R at the track and has a Yammie Fazer FZ6 for touring.)

    Personally I think the ZX6R would be wicked fun in Thailand.

    Happy Trails!
  9. In the US lots of kids either hurt or killed themselves on off ramps - they went fast on the highway for miles, then didn't realize they were still too fast for the 90 or more degree turn, then crashed. Lots of wrecked bikes with dealer plates; you get your white plate in 6 about weeks. Clearly inexperienced, mostly young riders who thought they could handle it. They found out the hard way that they couldn't.
    If you're an experienced rider who for years had 100+ hp bikes, go ahead, try this new drug! But personally I think it's irresponsible to restrict the MC market to 200cc into the 21st century, then offer a ZX10 to anybody who has the money to buy it.
    In the end it'll give big motorcycles a bad name - remember they banned three-wheelers because people hurt themselves drunk on the beach and then blamed the vehicle!
  10. Yesterday I saw the Z1000 in the flesh - what a cool looking naked bike, short and stout, with a shroud over the radiator, making it the big brother of the Er6n. The engine looked like a 600, not bigger, it's amazing how small a 1000cc can be these days! Guess this bike is not as extreme as the faired Ninja, it would fit better on Thailand's roads than the faired racer. That engine should be visible!
  11. Oh yeah- the Z1000 is one very cool muscle bike! 8) Like an ER6n on steroids :wink:
    Red Baron's had a brand new one on their floor for months now and I'm quite surprised it hasn't sold. They're asking 520,000฿ which ain't cheap, but it's a good deal less than the 650,000 Ninja ZX10R...

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