Ninja ZX10R 2005 for sale

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    My friend Harn in Bangkok sells his nice ZX10R, the bike is in very nice condition. Call him if interested, he speaks quite good english.

    ZX10R 2005 with invoice.
    He can register it for you if you pay 50000 B more. 16000 Km on meter.
    Price is 330000 Bath [But can discount when talk or see the bike first]

    1. Wind Shield Zero Gravity [Smoke] & Standard Shield
    2. Spark Plug NGK Iridium
    3. Seat cover (cowl)
    4. Weighted Bar Ends
    5. Ohlins Scotts Damper
    6. Gilles Rearsets [Gold] & Standard Rearsets
    7. Exhaust Akrapovic Slip-on american spec & Standard Exhaust
    8. BMC Racing Filter
    9. Ignition Advance
    10.Velocity Stack K-Factory Pro
    11.Frame Sliders for ZX10R [All around Bike]
    12.Pre-Load Adjusters in gold
    13.Swing arm spool
    14.Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

    My Phone Number is 087-1250763
    My Email : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


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