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  1. I am going to see Travis Pastranas Nitro Circus this Saturday here in Cairns QLD this weekend I have seen these guys in video as well as on tv should be a good night out. Just hope it dos not rain. Still have not got a photo site worked out as yet to post photos here ... bloody hacker spammers spoiling things for the rest of us ... may they become road kill.:wink:
  2. Love Nitro Circus but never seen it live- I'm sure it will be spectacular! :happy2:
  3. Damn, I thought they were coming to Thailand. Would love to see them live.

    This must be there 2nd Aus tour right?

  4. Okay here is how Nitro Circus live went, They moved the show up to 3pm start my mates and I knew that the price of drinks there would be a bit on the high side so some drinking was done before we headed off to the show which was only a few blocks from home. I had a backpack with video camera and a good still camera in it and as a last thought I put in a cold beer just in case there was a lot of standing around before we got in, As it turned out no problem except for the 300 kg maori woman checking every ones bags ... she got my beer :-( she was about as friendly as a mad pitbull dog.
    A bit of a look around showed us that the jumps were set up in the centre of the football field behind two sets of security fences 8 ft high. One side for the vip ticket holders that paid $140 a ticket and the rest of us poor people that paid $60 a ticket were left to walk around in the green grass that was fast becoming mud as there had been rain in the morning and the sky looked as if it was going to dampen us again at any time.
    Time to make a pilgrimage to the bar for drinks, We had to buy tickets first beer $8.00 and Jim Been and cola pre mix in cans $10.00 so with drinks in hand off we went to find a spot among the poor to watch the show by now 3.30 pm they started with a bunch of guys coming down the big ramp on a selection of kids toys and doing the jump .. what can I say hard to see over the lines of people standing in front and over the two 8 ft high fences it lasted maybe 5 to 10 min then it started to drizzle rain the call went out over the loudspeakers they were going to stop until the rain finished.
    It was gone in only a few min but they spent the next better part of an hour drying of the ramps so what did we do ? yes that's right back to the bar again, feeling a bit hungry I thought why not a Dagwood dog for you that do not know what a Dagwood dog is its a hotdog on a stick with batter deep fried dipped in copious amounts of tomato sauce or ketchup to some of you. Now this is by no ways or means a nutritious or healthy thing to eat, But for some strange reason they seem be delicious when your drinking :huh: Anyway I turned around and some redneck with his arms full of Jim Been cans bumped into me and my delicious Dagwood dog with the copious amount of tomato sauce was all over the front of my tee shirt so standing there with my feet and bottom of my jeans covered in mud damp from the rain and now covered in tomato sauce I was beginning to think I should have stayed home, but I rallied to the task and went to buy a Nitro Circus tee shirt $45.00 later clean shirt on the show started again the motorbikes came out ... well I say come out but the only time you could see them was when they were in the air and that was all of 2 seconds then it was back to guys riding kids toys over the jump then the bikes would do another jump we were all wondering when is something interesting going to happen ??? not only us but people around us. All the guys on kids toys and the bikes done what they call a train jump one after the other non stop so we all thought cool they are building up to something big ... BUT NO :shock::shock: everyone was standing there looking around 'this can not be it ??? but it was it was over the end !!
    So in summary of the show less than 5 min of bike tricks and the hole show lasted less than 2 hours we felt rather ripped off Travis Pastranas did not show up or any of the other guys we had seen on tv and videos.
    Yes we had taken video of what we could see but to be honest its not worth posting after looking at it this morning.
    All in All if you get a chance go see Crusty Demons of Dirt and do not wast your money on Nitro Circus.
  5. Hell Sorry to Hear that Mudboots! Not Much fun for You but I think a few of Us Enjoyed Your Report, Bloody Funny!

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