No Helmet Zone Stickers: PM Thaksin

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  1. Check out this little baby below for a "No Helmet Zone" sticker, as "approved" by Thailand's CEO / PM Thaksin.


    This pic appeared on the front page of the Nation newspaper on 19 Jan 2006.

    Going to get a small quantity printed on pvc, fade & water- proof. Should be a bit alright & bring a few chuckles. Approx size = 22 cms wide x 15.9 cms high - perfect for your bike fairing & a wind-up for the police. Cost not sure yet, but should not be much. Post here if you are interested.

    Keep The Power On
  2. Now that's a good laugh.
    Love the PM's choice of bike & colour (NOT!)
    Guess i could get a sticker for my wifes flopy hat (small "ban" helmet?)
    But would the local cops laugh or just shoot us ?
  3. You might consider it with Thai script at the top, most cops are too F***g stupid to read English, considering I have ben using my expired Aust licence for 3 years and not one has picked it up in about 50 "pull overs"

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