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  1. Maybe I´m blind, but I could´nt find a HONDA thread down in the brands. Wanted to look, if there are any infos about the new CRF 250. Is it my age or is there realy non?
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  4. KZ25

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    Well if 'Lifan' got one, Honda should get one, too!
  5. mbox999

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    we should also get a JRD, Platinum , Ryuka/Zongshen section.... to have all of the chinese/malaysian stuff represented
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    And I bet one CBR250 lasts longer than some of the other manufacturers total sales of their entire range.
  7. KZ25

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    I agree - let's have a "Chinese/Malaysian stuff" section! ;-)
  8. mbox999

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    well, in that case you may include most made motorbikes as many of todays Bikes have chinese stuff mounted.....i am sure even the baby-cbr has some parts "made in china" mounted, no? :)
  9. KZ25

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    There's a world of a difference between "Made In China" and "Chinese stuff"!
  10. And what I didn´t knew before. A 200cc Phantom is a small bike and a 250cc CBR a big bike. What´s about my CRF-230 in Germany? Small or big? I hope small. I´m a small bike fan.
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    Lol , thats true....whats a big bike now and whats a small one? To be honest , the longer i ride bikes here the more i prefer them small-ish.

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    How about a generic "Crap bikes" section? No judgement... :p

    The Honda bike thread will come soon. David said so. Right, David?

    The CRF250 will be released in a big Honda event on Tuesday Jan 10th. Along with 6 other Honda bikes! Think a new PCX, a 125cc CB, etc. Can't wait to get one...
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    You got my drift, nikster!

    Funny that Honda's big bike thread is one of the last to be created.

    "The CRF 250 will be released on Jan 10" - I assume you're talking about the "L" (street legal enduro) version?
    Hopefully it'll be available here.

    I always thought street legal enduros were "XR...L" and CRs were two-stroke offroad bikes, but according to wikipedia "The CRF line was launched in 2002 as a successor to the Honda XR series." The "CRF...R" and "CRF...X" designation is for offroad, the "CRF...L" is for street legal dual sport bikes (enduros). The R and X offroad versions feature a very potent 38hp engine; the L enduro makes only around 24 horses. So it depends on the last letter if it's a beginner's enduro or an offroad beast.

    Interestingly there are still XRs available - "As of 2008, the XR series includes the liquid-cooled 650R and the air-cooled 650L. The 650L has electric-start and is modeled after the old-school XR600/NX600."

    To make things more confusing the CRF230L is marketed as the XR230L outside the United States.
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    Yeah the CRF250 (L or not no idea) is the street-legal, tamed-down, nice, hopefully cheap KLX250 competitor introduced at the tokyo motor show this year. Based on the CBR250 engine. Let's see at the end of the day, then we'll know more...

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