Noel William Ankers from Australia

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by angkor1, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    I need a telephon number or email from Mr. Noel William Ankers. ( Ausralia ) He lives in Phuket. I bought a Honda Degree 3 years ago from him. Need his houseregister and passport copy. Someone know him ? He is or was member in GT Rider.
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  4. johngooding

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    Not spoken with Noel for some months. He was planning to go back to live in Australia. Maybe already left Thailand
  5. daewoo

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    I have his email address and will drop him a line that someone is asking for him... I will leave it to him to get back to you...

  6. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    Ok thank you very much

  7. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Noel has been Living back in Australia for some time! So You will be out of Luck for the House Paper I am afraid? I think the Degree was sold on behalf of someone else so is there a Problem? Seems Odd it took 3 Years to surface?

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