Nokia Maps


Sep 2, 2009
If anyone is looking to buy a navigation device, I have had long experience with the Nokia product. The maps are free and downloadable via the internet. There is nothing for Laos, Cambodia or Nepal but the detail for countries such as Thailand is impressive. Nokia make their money by charging for a licence to make the phone navigate and talk. Cost to the consumer is modest. I paid approx 50 RM (500tbht) for 1 year worldwide.
Downside......phones are not waterproof, you need to plug in to 12v to keep charged, the phone needs a good speaker or use bluetooth.
I have had many good years out of a N82 and reluctant to upgrade....still works. I see many use the Garmin products and there must be a good reason for that.


Dec 15, 2010
I think I replied to the same kind of post somewhere before.
Using Nokia maps myself for quite a long time, it must also be said that sometimes they show roads where you are absolutely in the bush, I tried that out many times on a 4WD, and had to turn around.
For general navigation it's ok. On the more expensive smartphones, you don't have to buy licenses. Just install OVI maps 3.?? and it's free worldwide. Before I paid about 500THB for a 30day license in Thailand, (or SE Asia) don't remember.