Nong Bua Lamphu - Ubonrat Dam

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  1. Not so many twisty roads in Isaan, but here's one that's worth investigating if you are in the area:






  2. Tell you what make the run from Namsom to Sri Chaing Rai over the moutains and you will throw these photos away.

    You want twisties your going the wrong way head up to Loie and start exploring there. You will find lots.

    Sounds like you having fun exploring Issan good for you. Here yuo have to be around a bit to find the good stuff. Watch Capt Slashs trip reports closely. Probably get some good ideas.

    Sunday the ride list is going from Udon through waht you did and stop at friends new resurant and be back in Udon that night. This is a ride we do a lot. Nice enough roads and easy riding.

    Merry Christmas
  3. Thanks for the report and pics, as Ray said a road that us Isaarn guys enjoy a lot.
    When you get to Ubonrat, instead of going East to the No 2 highway, there is a newly surfaced road that is not on your map, it follows the Eastern side of the lake, down south until it hits the no 12 about 20km out of Khon Kaen. This road is great, some enjoyable bends, ups and downs, all accompanied by glorious scenery, Ok it does not have the grandeur of the higher parts, but its the best bendy road in this part of the country.
    Avoid it late in the day when the cows are changing pasture.

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