Nong Khai Vientiane Friendship Bridge Question

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  1. I bought a CBR 150 about 3 weeks ago and just rode down from Chiang Mai to Nong Khai two days ago. I paid the taxes and insurance, but since I'm only on a tourist visa I couldn't get the green book in my name. I had the previous owner sign a permission to export form and also got a copy of his passport. Will this be enough to leave the country? I'm hoping I can cross the border into Vientiane tomorrow.

    I've read the FAQ about border crossing documents; will I get some assistance at the border filling them out? Or, should I try and hire a translator for the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Official word at the friendship bridge is that only 250cc or bigger is allowed through. Makes sense.

    I went down to bueng kan/pakxan and tried to cross via a boat. I think I may have been able to, but no one spoke enough English for me to actually understand what paperwork I needed.

    I wrote up a longer, somewhat satirical piece about all of it on my blog.
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    Thanks for the confirmation. If you want to write it up on GTR you are welcome to.
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    Even if the Thai let him cross,there is no VOA in PAKXAN.

    Cheers, Lung.

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