Nong Khiew to Muang Khua.

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    GPS Track Name:- Nong Khiew to Muang Khua.

    GPS Track Recorded by:- Moto-Rex

    Start :- Nong Khiew

    End:- Muang Khua

    Way Points:- Turn off on HWY 1C

    Date :- November 2010

    Conditions :- Cool, Wet.

    Link to trip report :-

    Other comments :- Great dirt ride with nice scenery, and feel of remoteness. Many small villages that haven’t seen to many riders. Riding is not difficult, but when I rode this track, it was only possible for motorcycle’s to go all the way to Muang Khua. This may have changed, as there was a new bridge being built that will allow cars to cross the river when completed. This track can be used to create some good dirt ride loops in the North, without the hassle of going to/through Oudom Xai.

    Attached files Nong Khiew - Muang Khua.gpx (496.3 KB)

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