Nong Kiaow/Keaow/Kiau, on the Nam Ou

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  1. Got any recommends for this place? The Nong Kaiu Riverside Resort is full up.

    I saw MotoRex's mention of the Seng Dao GH, googled it, but couldn't come up with a phone #.

    Looked like the Delila's restaurant also had places to stay, but couldn't find any further info.

    Sunset GH??

    Hope to be there on the 19th January. Traveling with my sister & brother in law from Oregon. They've been to Laos before but only Vientiane and LP. Would like a place with hot water and sitter crappers, if available. TV, too, for Sunee, but not essential. Thai soaps, you know....

    Will also be at the Nice GH in Phon Savanh on the 14 & 15th if anyone's around, eating at the Craters I reckon.

    Mac, the occasional 4-wheeler
  2. Mac, We stayed 2 nights at Sunset GH in July 08 and it was one of the highlights of our month in Laos. Brilliant view over the river, nice clean bungalow with verandah and hot water. Didn't have TV at the time...Beer Laos and the view is all a bloke needs I reckon. Can't remember if it was a throne or squat ??? Keep in mind many things can change quickly in Laos.
  3. Seng Dao GH

  4. Noel, Rex

    Thanks, just what I needed.

    FYI, do like the landline phone # for the Sangdao, 600001.

    Reminds me of when I was working in Khartoum 1987-'89 (ugh!), one guy I was doing business with had Khartoum PO Box 1. I asked how he got it, he said his grandfather built it right after Kitchener came through and the first Brit aid program started.

  5. I doubt there's any guest house in Nong Khiew with a TV.

    Here's another place across the river from Sangdao.

    Have a good trip.

    Cheers Rex.

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