Nong Kiew BOMB STRIKES- Fascinating Stuff!

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  1. If you read my post Laos the EZ Way! I hope you will find this as fascinating as I do. If you didn't read the post, why not (just kiddingl)?? :lol:

    After getting the link info from Mat.Ward's post.......
    U.S. Bombing Data for Laos

    I went to the below site. Data is available divided into the different areas of Laos. I went to.......
    Northwest Lao PDR.

    In the background you can see the town of Nong Kiew. In the foreground are the caves we visited.

    If you do this in Google Earth yourself, you can mouse over each bomb drop location and it will give you a slew of information on the location, date, type plane,bomb, etc. Each point is a "sortee" and consisted of many bombs dropped each time.

    Not shown in this screen capture, but when I rotated the view in Google Earth it shows 20 bombs were dropped on what is now the location of the Nong Kieu Resort.

    Great Info, Thanks for the links Mat.
  2. Man like I don't have enough things to look at on the internet. Talk about some interesting history, You've just killed a couple hours showing me this websight. Great stuff.

    i always thought the bombing was extensive but limited to areas surrounding the (elaborate)Ho Chi Minh trail. I'm surmising the VC were a little more prominent in other areas than I imagined.

    Once again a good find and hats off to Mat Ward digging the original gem up.

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