Nonthaburi Bike Rally and Motorcycle Pictures

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  1. The Nonthaburi Bike Rally was FUN! biggrin.gif


    Good Times and some CRAZY bikes!


    Some incredibly bizarre / fun bikes! Did ya notice the car tire on the rear of this one? :shock:


    What a paint job!1.gif

    The seat on this contraption was a piece of wood! And gotta love the burlap trim and horns! biggrin.gif
    (That Heineken bike was pretty cool too) beerchug

    It rained hard around mid day on Saturday and I didn't think I'd be able to make it to the Nonthaburi rally :( Then the sun came out and it became a beautiful day 8)


    Surprisingly my better half (who up until recently hated motorcycles) decided that she wanted to come. (Perhaps because she heard about the Miss Nonthaburi Beauty Contest? :wink: )


    This was the first motorcyle rally I've ever been to in Thailand and I must say I was quite impressed at the turnout and the variety of bikes (and some crazy scooters too).


    MOO! :mrgreen:

    JAH Rastafari! One Love and Irie!

    Ride on! motorcycle17.gif
  3. Hi Rex!

    Good times- there were many hundreds of bikes and a big group of scooters too. I think this rally is in its second year and is planned as an annual event.

    Ride On! 8)

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