Noob question....apologies in advance.

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  1. Okay, I tried searching the site for this, to no avail, but is there a section for people to join up for a trip?
    I wiil be in CM late October, possibly with a friend, and was hoping to meetup/ride with others on a leisurely cruise around Northern Thailand for a couple of weeks. Fully organised trips seem a little inflexible, and quite expensive.........
    Please direct me to the right part of the forum, if indeed it exists.
    Thanks for your patience :):)
  2. You may find something in the events section, or here in general. Best to keep an eye out during the time a bit nearer to your trip and once you have a plan with some dates, post here and you may find something. As you say there are organised tours which charge and they accept any paying customers. Apart from that you will find some group rides, such as the memorial rides and the Mae Hong Son music festival rides. They will be posted here as information is available.
    The folks who live up here are used to having friends arrive and take them out for a few days, but are unlikely to welcome riders they do not know to join such a trip. As we all know it is best to ride with compatible people and that only really comes with knowing the guys you ride with. So it may be a case of paying for a tour if you need it all fixed in advance, or keeping an eye out and see if something else crops up. Good luck with either option. You may also wish to get to the GT Rider dinner which will be on the last Friday in October, there you would meet some other riders and may be able to arrange something.
  3. Demini,

    Happy to help. I am on the Mornington Peninsular also. 0403 167 474.

    I have been up that way a few times now, once on an organised tour, twice leading groups of friends, and quite a few on my own. Trip lengths from 2 days to 2 weeks.

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