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  1. After 4 months on the road, NE Thailand, all of Lao(mostly), Cambodia and dreaded Vietnam I am finally coming to the Chang Mai/Chang Rai area. I've read a great deal and have a good idea of how to spend 12 days up there but how damn cold is it in the mornings riding up there??

    Looking forward to it.


    ps a long ass posting on Vietnam, Laos, parts of Cambodia and bits of Thailand are in the works, 12,000 km deserves as posting.
  2. Jimoi
    Yeah it’s cool up here right now, but probably less cool than Northern Laos.
    Night time temps in the towns (in the valleys) are going be 5-10-12 Celsius range at a guess, with it colder higher up the mountains & away from development.
    So early mornings will be foggy & a bit on the nippy side.
    Sent you an email with my phone number to contact me when you hit Cnx.

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