North Chiang Rai, Tha Ton and Doi Mae Salong

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  1. Hi ladies and gents. My apologies for the lengthy and somewhat rude disappearing act after my June visit to Thailand. I am now starting to get a bit of time to put things together. Last years trip was 3 weeks in total so that meant 3 weeks away from work, however this year I extended the time away with a few days in Bangkok, two weeks in England, three in North Thailand alone then a further 12 days in Chiang Mai province with my wife. I had not imagined the issues I would face from a business perspective when I returned to New Zealand so there is a good lesson learned there. A lot can (and did) happen in 7 weeks.

    Anyway, here we go with some trip reports.

    This visit I had great intentions of seeing new parts of the country, none of which really came to fruition. I stayed once more at the Ban Wiang guest house, same room, same facilities and of course still the same great value for money. I love that place for sure.
    The first trip I did was reported on in another thread, the fateful Wat Chan ride across to MHS. I think I will just give that ride away for now and only consider it if anyone wants to do the ride with me sometime. On that score, I have also made a bit of a decision that next time I come will be another part of the year as I have done two now in rainy season. To be fair, this year I saw little rain and part from a couple of downpours was very lucky. Perhaps I will get the route done with company another time and in the dry.

    Ok, having secured the new bike, a nice black ER6N, I had a few routes up my sleeve which I had not done before. I do love the north so decided to take a run to Chiang Rai again with an intention of seeing Tha Ton, Doi Mae Salong and Thoad Thai. The first day I took a ride to Chiang Rai taking in some of the lovely scenery on the way.

    My first stop was somewhere in the backblocks at the usual roadside food vendor style of place. Most of them were watching Thai boxing on TV so I ordered some food and tried to set some waypoints in my GPS. The guy in the picture below latched onto me.



    He had the typical small honda bike and if I understood him correctly he was telling me in his own special way that his bike would not go as fast as my bike. He used the same phrase maybe 30 + times and I even got some sound effects resembling the relative performances of the bikes. He stuck to me like glue and I was a bit concerned that he wanted to come with me to Chiang Rai. I suspect there are a few accomplished banjo players in his family but all the same it made for an interesting lunch.

    After lunch I carried on up the back roads and made my way to Chinag Rai to the usual haunts. Room at Nimseesing, walk to the easy bar for food and internet opposite and a wonderful thai massage from 'Mon' in the mssage shop right next door to the easy bar. Thoroughly recommended.

    Following morning I had a fairly early start and headed up to Mae Chan then hit my straps to Tha Ton. I saw a little bit of rain on the way but nothing that was unreasonable. I have done some helmet cam videos and will sort them out and upload later.

    Tha Ton was beautiful. I know many have seen it but I spent a good three hours there wandering around the places I was allowed to go and a few I wasn't judging by the looks.

    I then headed north to Doi Mae salong and over the hills. I was not too sure what I was going to find there but the journey was stunning and a lot of fun. I eventually stopped in mae salong and took a walk around the market. I had been looking for the tea and coffee shop everyone raved on about but couldn't find it. Anyway, I looked in one of the tea stalls and the delightful girl who worked there invited me to sit and I sampled moe tea than i have ever sampled in my life. (I hate tea but it was a pretty good experience.)

    I then left and headed out to Thoad Thai but just as I was arriving the heavens opened and I took shelter in what I thought was a cafe but it was someones house. Anyway, Thai hospitality rules so they sorted me out a feed and some water and made up a charge so I was happy, Even got joined by two cops who were interested in the bike. Once the weather had settled a bit it was pretty late in the afternoon so I made my way back to Chiang Rai and the delightful thai massage from 'Mon".

    Here are a mix of photos, I'll try and sort them out a bit but to be honest my photos are a bit mixed up so don't be surprised if some are not actually on this route

    Altogether it was a brilliant day, just what I love to do.





































    Again, apologies for the sound. One day Ill edit and make it better

    [youtube:1ropup44] /youtube:1ropup44]
  2. Tony
    Pretty funny you could not find the famous Sweet Mae Salong Bakery, you must have been blinded by the tea.


    it looks like you stopped about 50 metres up the road from on it.
    I've arrowed the sign & shop for you.
    Next time...

    Please keep your photos & report coming.
  3. To be fair, sweet Mae Salong is rather easy to miss when travelling East. I inadvertently cruised straight past it the other day and I've been there before.
    Still rather funny that you couldn't find it but took a photo of it :take-that: :lol-sign:
  4. Yep, I blew right past it too. But David has certainly remedied that for next time. Great pix and report!
  5. I always tell my wife and kids that absent mindedness is the sign of a genius.

    How on earth did I miss that :think:

    Never mind, next time.
  6. Just looking again & this snap is a cracker! :thumbup: If you know what I mean...

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