North New Zealand. Info Please!!

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  1. Hi guys!
    After we been thought for several years, the dream voyage is going to be realized: 10/12 days riding in New Zealand, north island.
    We already start making arrangement with the renting bike agency and asking a proper itinerary. However if someone has already done this tour or at least familiar with this part of the country to suggest some destination or a road in particular, I would be very grateful.
    First two weeks of December with a weather that should be in our favor.
    So guys,,,, let it out!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Don't rule out the South Island. Lots and lots of tight twistys, mountains, glaciers, scenery and road surface to die for. North Island is nice, but the South is spectacular. Enjoy.
  3. Hi Renzo,
    You should have a Great Time. Be prepared for 2 Things though: Rain and Police! December can still be pretty Cold and Wet now as the Weather patterns have changed. January is in general good but can still get Wet weather, The Best months now are February March and even April. NZ is very Strict and have a lot of Police ( A lot of English Immigrants are now Police in NZ??? ) enforcing the Road Rules. They also have lots of Speed Cameras etc This is all Easy Revenue for the Government! So Stick to the Posted Speed Limits and You should be OK.
    Some Places I would recommend a must visit are Up North the "Bay of Islands" and Paihia.
    Central North Island is Rotorua and Taupo. Great Roads to Waihi and to Napier and the Hawkes Bay region. Depending on the Time You spend in each place You could do a Circuit around the Coast over a 12 day Period? It is easy to get caught up in the spirit of things and lose a day here and there though!
    Take a look on a map and You will see the Places and plan Your Route? You can Email Me privately if You have any Further Questions and I will do My Best to Answer them, I am Pretty sure You have My email already but if not just let Me know?

    And in answer to Brake034,
    This is a Biking Forum and Yes mostly Concentrating on South East Asia but a lot of the Guys Who post on here have Traveled Extensively throughout the World and as We all come from many different Countries I don't find it wrong to Post a Question regarding any Country in the World? We actually have a Section for Trip Reports from any Country which is being used so asking for advice or suggestions is part of the reason it Exists? And that is what We try to do here?
    Anyway Good Luck to All!
  4. @ Deano
    You are totally right. After few research we come up with the idea that not to visit the South is a big mistake! So we decide to go both and create itinerary that will full our eyes with beautiful landscape.

    Thanks Buddy! Always helpful. The speed limit is so strict?...we plan do to around 400Km a day with the new GS 2013...maybe i rent a vespa then! :happy1:>

    I already take all your tips in the book and now we working on map plan. Will be good if you come at restaurant for some "spaghetti & chit-chat".
    Grazie Guys!
  5. Hi Renzo,
    Wow I will be looking forward to Your Report on the New GS. I took a look at it during the Motorshow and thought it was pretty Cool so lets See? I will try and catch up at Your Restaurant soon!
  6. Ciao Renzo,

    That's all good advice and I strongly suggest two things:

    1. if you can't get any more time don't go to the South Island. It's too far for such a short time.

    2. try to move your trip into February for the best weather

    We live in the Far North and it's a great place for biking, although half of our roads are gravel.

    You are welcome to email me with more specific questions. I can give you a few tips on what to see and where to ride.
    Another good resource is

  7. Please report about your planings and try.
    Its my dream to rent a nice bike and tour through NZ, I envy you.

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